Tuesday, September 20, 2011

yo!!!!!!! hi friends. hi. long time no catcher uppers action,,,, i miss you. and i honestly totally forget how to use my computer and my blog,,, ive just been absent. and thats okay. ive got a lot to share!!! we shall catch up,,, i, honestly have no idea what has been happening in the blog & internet world. no clue what papers are coming out. nothin'. buttttttt i do know that nely and i are hosting another crop,,, *rise & shine with the pink ninjas*,,,
dang,, it was kinda fun to blog again. baby steps. baby steps.

Monday, June 20, 2011

so, where have i been you wonder?? {or maybe you dont,,,} :-) how about i just show you,,, and if you follow me on tumblr, instagram or facebook,,, sorry, youve probably seen these,,,
hanging with these masked menaces,,,
loving this quote,,,
adoring this little man of mine,,, {im so lucky}
dance practice,,, dance performances,,, dress rehearsal,,,
make up, hair, fun girly girl stuffs,,,
pet week at school,, we brought our two new baby kitties, hank, logan and jack!!!
daniels class birthday party,,, i made these awesomely large cupcakes!!!
playing with the newest addiction,,, *isnt she lovely oner upper*,, {i love it}!!!
cranking out {and selling} marciano isabella bows like crazy!!! {so fun}
preparing for engagements parties,,,
bridal showers,, a couple of destination weddings,,
{this is my refrigerator at the moment},,,
finding adorable pocket treasures,,,
making more marciano isabella bows {and selling them like crazy too}
plotting a tattoo,,,
planning the iced tea party crop for august,,,
{have you signed up yet!?!?!?}
loving my bike and riding it as much as i can,,
{i went for three bike rides yesterday},,,
enjoying spending time at the beach with my family,,,
helping the dude spend his birthday cashola,,,
,,,and then spending a ton of time helping him with his legos {birthday money}
shopping with miss brit~brit,,, oops,, i mean sofia,,,
i found a rad bat at our house,,, my kitties got it for me :-)
more birthday gift cards,,, and they always gotta check out the power wheels at toys *for* us,,
i went to a great concert with twelve girlys in a motorhome,,, so, so much fun!!!!
,,,and a lot of trouble ;-)
the band perry {one of the three that we saw that night},,,
hello kitty vans?!?!? holy smokes!!!!
lunch dates with miss belle and daddy,,,
and much needed mother daughter time,,,
next year shell be a full time student and it hurts,,, :'-(
playing ipod shuffle on my iphone for instagram purposes,,,
finishing up the t-ball season,,
took the kids to their very first padre game with my favorite,,,
loving my girlfriends new tattoos,,
her kids drew her these pictures when they were four or five,,
she saved them and now has them tattooed on her feet,,
i love,,,
loving legos allllllllll over my house,,,
i visited the tattoo shop again,,, this time to get a new tattoo!!!!
this tattoo,,, i love,,,
miss belle had her very last day of pre~school :'-(
sad, sad day for mama,,,
i told both my kids that theyre going right back to pre~school,,,
this growing up and getting old thing sucks,,,
and of course ive been scrapping late at night when my husband is watching tv
and the babes are in bed,,,
this is from the newest addiction, *isnt she lovely oner upper*
this is from that kit as well,,,
and last thursday we went to sea world,
the new turtle encounter was open so we checked that out,,
such a fun day with my girlfriend and her fam,,,
enough about me,,,, what have you been up to?? do share!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the cutest little boy God has ever created turns six today. wow. i cant believe it. this time six years ago, i became a brand new mama. hes amazing. we are so lucky.
hes beyond amazing. thank you, Lord.

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