Thursday, November 26, 2009

dude ~ you gotta check out mine and nelys interview over at kris' blog,,, its kinda, sorta, awesome!!! andddddd shes doing a give away. thanks again kris ~ so much fun!!!
and, also, this, is so rad ~ i got this blog award {twice} once by missy amy, and once by ninja emily,,, and since i love doing these, im totally doing both, on different days. since i got the award from emily first, im going with that,,, thanks ninja em!! here i goooooooooooo,,,,,,,
1) Where is your cell phone ? right by my wrist ~ always within reach,,, always!!! im beyond addicted to my iphone
2) Your Hair? ~ im a blondie ~ you can call my goldie locks {thanks to carmen for bringin that one back}!!! ;-)
3) Your Mother? ~ in south korean, visiting my baby brother who is in the navy
4) Your Father? ~ same as my mama,,, {i miss em}
5) Your favorite food? ~ right now,,, chips, for some reason all i want to eat is chips!!!
6) Your dream last night? ~ cant remember,,, probably really random with weird talking lunch bags that have quarters for eyeballs and use spatulas to roam from tiny town to tiny town trying to avoid and over grown caterpillar that wants to eat them {yes, i went there, and yes, im sober, thanks for asking},,, ;-)
7) Your Favorite drink? ~ can i have a favorite for each occasion/theme?? thanks. morning, coffee, please. during the day, water, please and if i wanna dance and or scrapbook, diet dr pepper and jack daniels, please.
8) Your dream/goal? ~ i wanna make some money doing what i love
9) What room are you in? ~ the office
10) Your hobby? ~ scrapbooking, laughing, dreaming, dancing, singing, listening, working out
11) Your Fear? ~ life without daniel & sofia
12) Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~ just loved
13) Where were you last night? ~ with my girl in la
14) Something you aren't? ~ a mushroom
15) Muffins? ~ yeah, go ahead,,, im waiting to hear the rest,,, ,,,still waiting,,, nothing??,,, hmm,,
16) Wish list item? ~ new laptop
17) Where did you grow up? ~ temec
18) Last thing you did? ~ answer #17
19) What are you wearing? ~ blue long sleeve t, grey {pink} pants, ugg slippers, white tank top
20) Your TV? ~ what about it??
21) Your pets? ~ hank ~ english bulldog, trey ~ rottweiler, chewie ~ chow, mousie mousie ~ hamster

22) Friends? ~ love of em
23) Your life? ~ busy
24) Your mood? ~ good question, for the first time, im speechless, i dont know,, weird huh?? ~ ,,,coming back to this one now,,, after answering #30, i realized im in a scarstic mood. weird. right?? im never sarcastic,,, this is fun {for a change},,,,,
25) Missing someone? ~ yes. always.
26) Vehicle? ~ hybrid yukon baby!!! gotta love it!!
27) Something your not wearing? ~ underwear {true story} {dont judge}
28) Your Favorite store? ~ victorias secret ~ ha!! funny, its my favorite store, even though im not wearing undies!! ha!!! thats kinda ironic!!!

29) Your favorite color? ~ fuchsia
30) The last time you laughed? ~ answering # 28, like, omg, rolf, lmfao {hardy har har,,,}
31) The last time you cried? ~ a little bit ago, daniel is sick and he vomited. a little after that i asked how he was, and he said "im thankful", and i said "why are you thankful baby??" he said "because i have the luckiest mama in the whole wide world",,, go ahead, you know youre tearing up too,,, right?? i dont mean to brag or anything, but that child is perfect!!!
32) Your best friend? ~ is really, really tall
33) One place that I go to over and over? ~ disneyland
34) Facebook? ~ yes, im there. wanna be friends or something??
35) Favorite place to eat? ~ right now?? id have to say yogurt universe. cake batter yogurt with brownies and a ton of caramel sauce.
i cant wait to come back and do these again, ive got a feeling some of these answers will change,, thanks again emily!! good times!!!
oh yeah ~ duh,,, i pick,,,
nely ~ hey nely, your blog misses you!!!!
jessica ~ break is ova baby!!! ;-)
love, ally*son joy


Emily said...

Love your answers sweetie, and you totally deserve the award! Love your blog and love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

ha ha love your answers!! Hope Daniel is feeling better! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Christina said...

hehehee!! you are too funny!!
I know what you mean, one of my fav things to do it underware shop but... they never get worn. wth??!! =D
Happy Thanksgiving Ninja Master!!

Euphoria said...

hilarious!! loved the no undies part! And Daniel- oh so stinkin adorable!!! Lucky you!

Toni said...

I saw the interview ,, so awesome!! You girls rock!!

Gloria said...

Happy Thanksgiving....Love you..G

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