Monday, May 31, 2010

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY errrr,,, i mean,,, HAPPY PINK NINJA MONDAY!!! yip-peeee!!! we are having a special for today only, FREE SHIPPING on all kits,,, yep. and you might notice a new kit or two in the shop. i suggest you check it out,,, {open to us and canada only}. we also added a overdose for the embellishment add on kits,,, so check that out as well,,,
have a great day!!!
love, ally

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

another *just for the hey of it* layout,,, my perfect bestie surprised me with all the new sassafras new papers,,, seriously, they dont make friends better then that eh?? ive been hoarding it. yeah, i know, i need to use,,, so i busted out this layout, and i likes,,, you?? here is *dream* just for fun,,,
love, ally

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

five years ago today, this little man came into my world and changed me forever. he began by melting the heart of each and everyone he comes into contact with with his soft voice, sweet heart, hilarious sense of movie re-in-act-ment,,,, {its amazing}. this little boy has no idea how much he means to me, and everybody else that knows him. he truly is, something special. im blessed beyond my wildest dreams to have him.
i love you more than life itself,,,,
these pictures are from october 2008, but still my family favs
love, mama

Monday, May 24, 2010

happy pink ninja monday!!! instead of sharing a project i wanted to share some photos of this past friday when ninja nely and i headed out to la to shop for you addicts,,, by the way, have you noticed that all that addicts, {ninja stars and ninja masters} post every monday,, we call it pink ninja monday,,, notice a pattern?? ;-) we have the best day each and every time we head out there for our treasures and trinkets,,, i even got a ton of ideas and inspiration for my personal etsy shop,,, so far i have ten goodies to add to the shop, but i wont open that vault back up till i have a few more,, but im really excited to share my creations with you as well,,, back to the day, pink ninja monday,,, here are some fun pictures of us in la,,, alright, yeah, three look pretty much the same, but hey, whatevs,,,,
i finally got the shirt ive been dying for,,,,, i neeeeeeeed a *soccer mom* shirt. so right there, i had this nice lady whip it up for me. easy peasy. i cant wait for soccer season even more now!! yip-peeeeeee!!! i also go a fuchsia shirt with big wings on the back, you know, because im an angel {duh} ;-)
here is us, our roof top parking,,, obvious nothing fancy, but we loves!!!
speaking of fancy, check out our personal elevator,, fancy, schmancy,,,
what im trying to make very clear, is that we put our lives on the line for you addicts!!!! ;-)
check out all that lace,,, you honestly wouldnt even believe how many trims this new treasure had for us, waiting for us,,, it was dreamy,,, like dreamy cotton candy.
and thats pretty much it,,, our previous la trip was better recorded,,, but i never shared those pictures,,, i should. i hope your week is perfect!!!
love, ally

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

oh my!!! how lame am i?? i totally forgot to post my layout for the candy shoppe designs domino effect prompt. {sorry cherry lolita ~ forgive me??},,, i loved this prompt,,, and here is ever so clever titled layout *daniel & papa*,,, i know, i know, wicked smart eh?? this kit is also a collaboration of several pink ninja addicts kits,,, past, present and future,,, {just so you know} ;-)
the good news is that there will be another prompt very soon on candy shoppe designs,,, and there is also the *cotton candy* prompt running right now,,,
love, ally

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

candy shoppe designs newest prompt went up and its a good one,,, to say the least,,, youve got three more days to play along,,, so what are you waiting for?? the prompt was *cotton candy* and we were given this color palette to inspire us,,,
and that it did,,, cute nely and i sorta have a funny joke about dreamy cotton candy,,, makes us laugh at least,,, so i had to go with that title, plus, miss thangs skirt sure does look just like dreamy cotton candy,, right?? here is my take on the challenge,, *dreamy cotton candy*
and please dont forget, you still have a chance to enter for the blog hop give away,,,
love, ally

Friday, May 14, 2010

awwwwww yeah!!!! time for another rocking blog hop,,, ninja style!!! if this is your first time here ~ welcome!! thanks so much for visiting my cute little blog,,,
make sure you hop, hop, hop along and follow the instructions listed at the bottom,,, and you might, just might win one of four precious & perfect prizes!!! for now,, start the blog hop,,, i was so stoked when the celine navvaro accepted our invite to be out moth of may ninja in the spotlight,,, what an honor,,, she is so talented,,, i was lucky enough to take a class with her last year, what a beautiful chick, and so fun,,, and man, talented,,, so having her be out may ninja in the spotlight is like a dream,,
ninja star carrie created so adorable tags as part of the give away,,, you can always use perfect tags ~ no??
using the kit for one and making a very blog hop vip style other one,,, i made these two head bands. so cute!! well, i think they are,,, ;-) you can win one of either of these beauties,,,
and yes, were doing it again,,,, were giving away another kit,,, you can enter to win *thrift shop junkie* as well,,,,,
here is my cute layout i made using the may kit *thrift shop junkie*,, i used a rad, old photo of my grandma,,, when she and my grandpa were on their honeymoon. precious,,, i adore this photo of her,,, isnt it beautiful?? my grandpa always called my grandma *marilyn mae*,,, so thats why i went with that title,,,
now its time to hop, hop, hop right along,,, here is the list,,,
thank you so much for the visit today!!! please, make sure you are
*a follower of all of our blogs {double check, you might think you are, but maybe youre not,,, we lost winners from the last blog hop because they thought they were followers and they werent :-( sad }
*please rock our hottie pink ninja addicts chick {grab the code from the addicts blog}
*leave a comment on the addicts blog, the proper post
*make a post about the blog hop on your blog,,,
we will pick a winner friday the 21st!!!
good luck!!!
love you, love ally

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i created this layout because i wanted to. fun, right?? ive had design team project after pink ninja addicts project after deadline,,, and i love every minute of it, but it was fun, and so out of the ordinary to create a layout just because. fun. this is a picture of my dad, my grandparents and my two uncles. my pops is the cutie not looking at the camera, but looking at his little brother. i love this photo, and i have to admit, im happy with the layout as well,,, here is *1967*
tomorrow were doing a blog hop and another give away on the addicts,, you gotta check it out,,, love, ally

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