Sunday, May 31, 2009

here is a layout i created for the design team at pink pineapple,,, *spinnin* sorry, it was kinda hard to photograph because of the transparency,,, i used hambly transparency {two of em}, tim holts alcohol ink, two different bella blvd papers, a bit of pink paislee and my current staple ~ glitter paper ~ it makes any layout look amazing!!! thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i wanna check in with you all and give you a quick update on the status of mine and nelys new inspiration blog,,,, the pink ninjas,,, we are still in the first half of week one and nely and i are besides ourselves. personally, i am so excited by all the interest in our design team as well as all the talent!!! holy moley, i know nely and i really, really have our work cut out for us!!! geezzzzz,, but its totally fun, and totally gonna rock!!! thank you all for the support and interest. its gonna be fun. promise. with that said, i have to let you all know that nely and i got together yesterday at out favorite store and shared idea and have inspiration concepts clear through august!!! yep, its gonna be great!!! i want to encourage you to try out for the design team because these ideas are great fun with a little edge to em,,, we love it like that!!! oh ~ on a totally side note ~ really quick before i forget,,, pink pineapple got in a whole lotta thickers yesterday,,, nely, carrie and i pretty much bought one of each that came in,,, who doesnt love thickers like crazy!!! anyway, where was i,,, yes. thank you!! dont forget to follow us and dont be scared to try out for the design team!!! have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

i was over on the dream girls challenge blog and totally inspired by this challenge,,, for starters the colors ~ they are totally *my* colors secondly ~ i likey the dream!!! my dream?? {dont tell my hubby} a teeny, tiny little vaca ~ solo me-o,,, ahhhh,,, sounds great ~ right?? {dont judge} ;-D please dont forget our on~going quest for a design team over at the pink ninjas inspiration blog!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

sketch number twenty one is up and waiting for you over at 52 sketches 52 weeks,,,, here is the sketch followed by my take,,,,
dont forget to check out our
new inspiration blog,,,, we are looking for design team members!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

wanna hear something really, really, really, really, really exciting?!?!?! one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and i put our noggins together and have created an inspiration blog ~ a fun, excited, new, crazy, bright inspiration blog!!!! nely and i are sooooo excited to share this with you all!!!! and we need you!!! nely and i want,,, correction NEEED you to help us!!! for starters, we need a *design team* so to speak,,, we need a rad group of chicks to play with us each and every week as we inspire others with our fun concepts,,,, now mind you, this is an inspiration blog,,, not a challenge blog. we arent going to be giving deadlines for the inspirations and therefore we arent going to be giving prizes ~ however if you are a designer, we will have deadlines, so our concepts go up all together ~ like a happy family!!! we want to inspire you as a designer or as a playa!!! we do, however totally wanna see what we have inspired you to create {should you only be playing along},,, meaning leave us comments on the blog and we can check out what you came up with. that way we can tell you nice things ;-D,,,, if you arent interested in playing along with us every week as a *design team* member, we would like you to talk about us,,, say nice things please ;-D,,, grab our logo ~ add it to your column with a link,,, become a follower,,, do it all ~ we likey!!! this is something that is so new to nely and i and although we are beyond excited, we are a teeny bit shy,,, we want this to be fun and inspiring so any sort of encouragement is rad for us ~ and totally appreciated!!!!! and im totally blabbing over here on my blog when really you should check out the pink ninjas for yourself,,,, {p.s.} please email us at thepinkninjas{at}aol{dot}com by friday the 5th of june if youd like to be a design team member,,, now goooooooo,,, check it ~ tell us what you think,,,,

i do have to admit, a lot of this excitement is to replace that of what punk rock scrappers gave me,,, and when it went down, or away, or wherever it went,,, i was totally sad,,, i wanted it back. this is to fill that random, edgy scrapbooking void that i felt after the punk rock scrappers bit the dust,,,, i hope you likey, and i totally hope you join us over there,,,, :-D thank you for your support!!! i cant wait to see how this turns out!!! i love you alllllllll!!!! cheers nely!!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

so here it is ~ tuesday morning and i have a very exciting offer for you,,,, how amazing would it be to participate in a nation wide project?? since i am so into atc cards these days, i wanna ask you to join me in a nation wide atc swap. want tooooo?? fun ~ right?? and thats it,,, i am going to take a total of twelve people to take place in this swap. i will be number one {or number twelve ~ whatever works} so that will make room for the first eleven people that wanna participate in this. its gonna be so amazing and fun and i totally cant even wait!!!! email me at xoxoallyserrato {at} aol {dot} com. which i will say, again, if you ever email me, i always, always respond, that how i roll. if you dont hear back from me, then that means that you need to check your spam folder ~ on the same note, if you leave me a blog comment asking a question, i will respond in that same comment section {meaning that you will need to *subscribe to this blogs feed* for that particular question} just so you know. i never want any of you to think that i havent taken the time to respond,,,, {side note} so here it is ~ a nation wide atc swap ~ gonna be amazing, and i cant wait to get things rolling,,,, once you email me, i will let you know if you made it on time {for starters} and the theme of the atc swap and how things will work. if i dont get eleven people, i will close it off on the third of june with as many people as we have!!! if all goes well, i will do this again,,, and maybe again,,,, :-D cant wait to hear from you,,, oh ~ and if you thought this was exciting,, check back again tomorrow for more really, really, really exciting news!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

four years ago today,,,,,,, my life changed forever,,,,,,
{check my out in the back ground loving that chocolate chip ice cream sandwich,,, sooooo good}!!!! i know, i know, i was, like wicked tiny,,, right!?!?! ha!!!!
i love you so much dude!!!!happy memorial day as well!!!! i miss my baby brother. like a lotttttt!!!!! :-(((((
check back tomorrow for my exciting project that i want to you participate in!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine,,, i spent the day with a great group of girlys at cupcake love in solana beach to celebrate glorias birthday and i wish i didnt have to go so soon,,, i was glad to be there, but didnt want to leave,,, here are a few highlights from yesterday,,,,and this is what happens when you get all the girlys together for a group picture ~ especially if most of those girlys are scrappers,,,, we each had to have our own photo!!! im so that *hey, can you get one with my camera too* girl,,, i cant help it :-D
happy birthday gloria ~ thanks for letting me share a piece of the day with you!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

hello ~ miss me?? did you think i wasnt coming today?? naahhhh,,, i *do* have to correct a lil something, something,,, i had mentioned that im going to be sharing a project that i want you to be a part of first thing monday morning, i totally forgot that moday is memorial day ~ and also my little dudes forth birthday {holy moley},,,, i will let you all in first thing tuesday morning,,, i know there are several of you that blog while on the clock {smart ladies ~ i mean, i totally wish i could get paid to blog hop}, anyway, i gotta make this fair for everybody,,, so first thing *tuesday*, fun, exciting news!!!!,,, moving right along,,, im not gonna mention it,,, but {yep ~ internet ~ down} okay, thats it, no more complaining,,,,
im crazy about aceo cards as of late. atc cards too actually,,, but aceo cards are so rad. i did pick up a few from the red velvet update this past tuesday, but purchasing those has inspired me to search for more,,, some on etsy. i like these,,,,
isnt she pretty?? i found her here,,,,
this one is super fun to me, kinda sweet, kinda gangsta,,, found it here,,,,
a kinda cool, kinda haunting collection i found
she is rad
and of course i love
her aceo cards the very most!!! these top two from here, the bottom one from here, and i gotta admit, i have no idea who that band is {maybe its an artist}, but it sure makes for a cute little piece of art,,, if you ask me ;-D take care today!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

im a big fan or art. i am still kicking myself from a few weekends ago when i was in new orleans and i didnt pick up an original from any of the local artists. their talent there was brilliant, beautiful and truly unique. each piece of each collection a reflection and expression of exactly what the artist was feeling in the very moment their brush hit that canvas,,, i love it. i have attempted to create a few pieces of art myself, but i gotta admit, im not very good. at all. anyway, i thought it would be fun to share with you a few pieces of art i have around my home,,, the pieces that really make me happy. :-D
these two babies were created my *my* two babies, and they make me very happy. daniel and sofia truly feel as though they, themselves are *true* artists. that makes me happy.and its no secret that im a big fan of miss elsie,,, i collect as many of her originals as my husband allows. one day i will re-create this, and its gonna be amazing,,,,
i *adore* aceo cards. there were more added to the
red velvet shop last night ~ and this is how mine hang around my pad,,,, i mounted them onto fuchsia felt and framed them and they are very happy to be where they are, {yes, they said so}
and sofias bedroom consists of art work {prints} from the black apple. hubbs and i agree that these girls actually kinda look like out little lady,,, :-D
and thats about it,,, for now,,, i have a really fun project coming up,,, and i really, really, really, want YOU to be a part of it,,, yep,,, YOU!!!! cant wait to share more!!!!! oh, and *yes* my internet is down still,,, i feel really bad for not participating very much in the 52 sketches 52 weeks group, {im using computers where i can} and my images for those sketches are home,,, {yuck},,, gotta love country living,,,,
ohhh,, annnndddd can i get a *heck yeah* on our new american idol?? i know adam rocked, but kris was amazing to me,,, so glad he won ;-D {dont bash me if you feel differently, we all have our own opinion,,,,} ;-D
oh ~ something else, else,,,, i had two kits left in my etsy shop {paper and embellishments packs} they are getting ready to expire, so i slashed the price in half,,, just in case youre interested,,,,
okay, im going now,,, for real, for real,,,, ;-D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sooooo,,, {drum roll please},,, here is my one hundredth layout ~ {again} i know i should be further along, but ill catch up,,, mark my words ;-D. my layout was inspired by sketch number nineteen from 52 sketches 52 weeks,,, here is the sketch,,, followed by my version *therapy*,,,, i had a great girls night out a few weeks back with an amazing friend of mine {we go waaaay back to middle school} anyway, the night was just that ~ *therapy* for me, well actually *us* :-D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so sad,,, my internet is down,,, yep *again* ~ i cant post any pictures,,, but *i love youuuuuuu*,,, i had to check in,,,, right??? i have fun layouts to share and i hit my 100 layouts!!! yay!!!! moving right along, moving right along,,,, ;-D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the new sketch is up over at 52 sketches 52 weeks,,, here is the sketch,,, followed by my {kinda yellowish ~ sorry} take on the sketch,,, *my family rocks*i hope you play along!!!!
p.s. ~ dude ~ i know i have really, really, really fallen behind in my 365 layouts, but one more layout and i will be at one hundy!!! thats pretty rad, right?? i know its not where im supposed to be, but still kinda, sorta, good,,, yes??? good. im glad you agree ;-D

Monday, May 18, 2009

dont mind me if i keep using this polariod shot ~ i love it!!! anyway,,, here is a little peak of my layout class ill be teaching at pink pineapple sunday the 28th of june @ 3:30 ~ call ~ 760*598*2222 ~ get er done!!!! ;-) here is *dreaming my dreams*,,,,,and a very special thank you to missy nely ~ for being such an amazing friend to chat with, hang with, and mostly laugh with. *linner* {lunch/dinner ~ whatever it was ;-) } yesterday was very therapeutic to me and much needed. thank you for always supporting me, my classes and my ideas,,, you totally rock chica!!!! love youuuuuuuuu!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

here is a little ol' polaroid shot of my next card class at pink. not the one today, the one im teaching in june ~ the 28th of june. i gotta admit ~ i really, really, really, really, really, really like my samples ~ can i say that??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ive got a card class coming up tomorrow ~ where else?? oh and im sooooo gonna pick up some of the new hambly they have ~ cant wait for that!!!! anyway, card class, yes, pink pineapple, this sunday. just cranking along trying to get ready!!!!
enjoy youre weekend!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

yay for the fifteenth,,, that means a new challenge is up over at scrap outside the box. this one is super funny ~ sarah thought of it ~ so i gotta give credit where credit is due ~ right?? the challenge is to use toilet paper in your layout ~ yup ~ TOILET PAPER!!! funny ~ right?? thanks so much for a funny twist missy sarah ~ go play along {please} :-D here is mine ~ *fiesta*

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