Monday, April 28, 2008

guess whos back ~ back again ~ allys back ~ tell a friend.... guess whos back..... guess whos back.... guess whos back...... (special thanks to my friend eminem for those lyrics) alright, so i guess im only kinda back.... i picked up my laptop and she is now germe free!!! yay ~ BUT ~ the internet isnt installed on it anymore, they had to completely wipe out my laptop, soooo..... im back at the hubbs office.... what can you do?? we will get it figured out... anyway, class yesterday was lots of fun!!! these ladies rocked ~ such a good group!!! here are a few shots from the class....
okay and she is so stinkin' cute!! thanks so much for coming to another class jessica!!
man, my smile is so lame!!! okay, so i loved this little twist ~ these ladies (pictures below) did the bus tour the day earlier, then printed their pictures and scrapped them the next day!!! they had their quick kutz letter all set and ready to go!! i just love seeing everyone elses take on classes!!
alright, again ~ thanks ladies for taking my class, i hope to see you all again!!!
something else.... my life is beautiful class has been changed. it was going to be this week, but we pushed it back to sunday june 8th at 1:00. class is at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta. hope to see some familiar faces there!!!
alright ~ thats enough for now..... right?!?!?! i hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

hi ~ im so excited for class this sunday, weve got a good list of people already signed up ~ that always makes me happy!! i spoke with the store today and gave them a supply list, but i also wanted to post it here. there are a few supplies that we will need to complete our crown mini albums....

  • 9 vertical 4X6 photos cropped down to 4 (length) by 3 1/2 (height). if you dont bring your photos, you will not leave with a complete album
  • diamond glaze
  • acrylic adhesive ~ whichever you prefer, i always, always use the kokuyo tape 'n roller ~ loves it!!!

  • scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • black sharpie (regular and fine point)
  • tim holtz alcohol ink applicator
  • oh ~ and a pencil
oh ~ and in order to keep class running smoothly, please, please, please know which photos you will be using ~ man i feel so demanding!!! okay, i hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

dear blog, i miss you like crazy ~ do you miss me too???? i have a moment, so i will make this short and sweet. well, as it turns out, my laptop did a little "fooling around" while we were gone and got some sort of virus!! bummer dude!! hopefully she learned a lesson and will be safer next time!!! i am at my hubbys office because i feel empty, naked and lost without the internet (i know, so sad)!!
alright, lets talk classes. this little, charming, cutie, crown, acrylic, mini album will be taught at ever after, carlsbad on sunday the 27th of may at 11:00. i know that already one of my favorite ladies will be there!!! so excited about that one!!!alright, next class (that isnt already posted on my blog) is my life is beautiful class i was trying to tease about a post or two ago.... still though, im being totally honest when i say that sassafrass was my all time favorite at cha ~ love, love, love!!! so this class will be at its about time in murrieta. class is thursday 1 may at 5:30. be there!! actually this class does have a limit so call and reserve your spot riiiggghhhhttttt......... now!!!! go!!!! :) :) finally, i will be teaching "a thousand words" again, this time at ever after in carlsbad. this class is 18th may (sunday) at 1:00, (once again ~ this is my proud teresa collins approved class ~ have i mentioned that before???) ;)
~miss me.....~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

im dying!!! i have been with out internet since 8:32 saturday morning and i cant stand it!!! the worst part to me is the fact that i am that much addicted to the internet that i feel like im going through with drawls!!! i have photos of my classes coming up ~ so cute by the way, but because i am not on my computer i cant put them up yet..... how sad, i get home from vacation so excited to blog ~ and i cant!!!! i will come up with a plan though ~ you have to see the crown acrylic mini album that i created using ~ what else?? teresa collins bella girl line!!! love it!!! stay tuned peps out there in the blog world!!!!!.......

Friday, April 11, 2008

i think i am going to start to post supply list here on my blog ~ might as well ~ right?? so for sundays class "a thousand words" please bring the following........ alright, i just wanted to post a few pictures you know ~ get you in the mood!!! how cute is that stapler by the way??? alright so for class please bring with you

  1. paper trimmer
  2. sanding block
  3. adhesive ~ i love the "tape and roller" by kokuyo
  4. crop a dile
  5. stapler
  6. black staze on
  7. dymo label maker (if you have one)
  8. scissors
  9. glue dots or diamond glaze
  10. photo tape
  11. pop dots
  12. anything else you might want to add (???)

alright, peace out for now!! cant wait.....

first of all ~ save the date ~ thursday 1 may 2008 5:30!! i will be teaching a "life is beautiful" class at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta. im using my cha over all favorite sassafrass line and i love the way this little mini is progressing. alright ~ next.... just a little reminder of my class this sunday, also at its about time scrapbooks. my "teresa collins approved" ;) class is this sunday at 1:00. i still have a few spots left so i hope to see you there!!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

here we are!! we are back from a fabulous vacation in the caribbean sun!!! its so nice to have dark skin again ~ i love to be tan!!! here are a few ~ and just a few ~ fun photos from our trip!!
we got back late last night and i missed my blog, but came home to no blog love!! kinda makes me wonder ~ does anyone read my blog?!?!? poor me.... is anyone out there?? anyone?? anyone?? anyone?? buler... buler.... buler....... anyway so glad to be home!!

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