Thursday, September 25, 2008

3:30 tomorrow morning i will be leaving my comfy cozy home to explore the unknown,,, my family and i are off to the heart of mexico.
i will be back next wednesday, just in time for my class at its about time in murrieta. call to save a seat (951) 304~3422,,, more information to the right,,,

~miss me~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hi,,, im sick,,,, i hate it,,,, daniel and i got the flu,,,, today is much better than yesterday (for both of us), but i still dont like the way im feeling. bummer. anyway, i have been creating and gathering all the bits and pieces that make up my little kits that i so am loving,,, i uploaded photos to the right side of my blog so that you can see at a glance which kits i currently have in stock. i will try to keep that as updated as possible,,, i have decided to go ahead and offer free shipping with a purchase of $100.00 or greater. i liked doing the free shipping, but its not something i can do all the time,,, therefore ~ again ~ if you spend over $100.00 in my kits, ill cover the shipping,,, until i change the rules again ;),,, just a quick shot of my prepin some more *id pick you* kits,,, on top of my halloween table cloth that i adore,,,,

the reunion was a blast!!! i want to go again next year,,, but i know i cant,,,
im gonna go rest,,, hahahahaaa,,, i wish,,,


Friday, September 19, 2008

alright ~ so the kits have been shipped ~ THANK YOU!!! if you missed the cut off for the special i was having, im sorry,,, but there is hope,,, i think i might have to do this special again ~ it was fun and totally worth it!!! anyway, just wanted to thank those of you who participated and those of you who sent emails containing any sort of compliment or flattery (is that a word?? whatever,,,,), oh ~ but i do still have kits to purchase,,, if you are still interested in purchasing a kit, please let me know~ i always get so excited when anyone likes a kit i created,,, oh the little things in life,,, anyway, im off to prepare for my 10 year high school reunion ~ should be fun!!!! enjoy the weekend,,,, check out sofia!!! ~peace~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hi ~ ive got a few things up my sleeve,,,,,

1) first of all ~ THANK YOU ladies who sent me emails interested in my kits ~ i love this part of the scrapbooking world,,, so fun to me!!!! i actually got really excited and sent my hubbs to the post office today with a few items to place in the mail (early, i know), but i love getting other peps inspired to scrapbook ~ hey whatever i can do to help, im all in,,,,, so if you placed an order with me last night ~ first of all,,,,, THANK YOU (again) and second of all, i hope you get your kits by friday,,, yay!!!

2) next, i have a class tomorrow at ever after *id pick you* call,,,,,, (760)433-9313
c) did you notice i put a letter this time instead of a number?!?!?!

4) my *i pay your shipping* (man, i need a better name for my sell) special is still going on, but i must receive your order by tomorrow night,,,, i still have *most* of the kits listed below,,,,, drop me an email :)

5) i got a MRI today,,, have you ever had one?!?! kinda intense,,,, i had to go in this big ol' machine and wear headphones because it was loud enough to be a construction zone!!! i was in it for 15 minutes and ~ just to put my life into prospective ~ i actually succeeded in taking a nap while all of this was going on!!! mama is always tired,,,, anyway, we will see what happens next,,,, i so badly wanted to ask one of the nice doctors to take my picture while i was laying there (you know for blog purposes), but i lost the courage,,,,

6) what else?!?!? hmmm,,,, oh ~ i know, my high school reunion is this friday ~ its at the *house of blues* fun location huh??? thats actually where ricardos reunion was as well,,, a few months back,,,, i got a few dresses today to bring home so hubbs can help me pick which one to wear,,,, oh ~ and im getting my hair did tomorrow ~ you know a lil' touch up ;)

g) whoa ~ how could i forget to mention,,,, the *kit* listed below *loves it* is actually going to be a class,,, yep, ill be teaching it at its about time...scrapbooks and more saturday 4th of october!!! yay, its been a while since ive taught there, so im pretty excited!!!!

8) finally two random pictures,,,
~picture one ~ (i love my hat)

~and picture two ~funny, i just realized that both of those pictures were focused on flowers that daniel had picked for me!!! the top one is at sea world and the bottom was from our front yard,,, daniel picks me a flower each and every day,,,, sometimes more than one,,,, i always try to photograph them,,, it lasts longer... you know the old saying "take a picture it will last longer"?!?!?


p.s. you shoulda seen my spell check ~ whoa,,, im tired,,,,,,, ZZZZzzzzzz,,,,,,,,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

,here is a creation i just finished ohh,,,, a few minutes ago,,, its not a class (yet),,,, as of right now i am just selling the kits,,,, if you want to include this kit in the special i mentioned below, no worries email me,,, remember?!?!? free shipping till this friday,,,, i call this one *loves it*, but your kit will include full thickers alphabet, so feel free to call it what you like,,,, ;)
mama likey,,,,,
oh yeah ~ and guess who i ran into at target saturday,,,,, this is a beginning of a beautiful relationship,,,, if i see him again, i think ill have to name him,,, any suggestions???

Monday, September 15, 2008

i have been workin' and workin' and kittin' and prepin' and trying to balance all that other stuff,,, you know hubbs, kids, workin' out,,, all the good stuff,,,, i have a class this thursday at ever after at 4:30. an encore of *id pick you*,,, call to reserve a kit or your seat (760)433-9313 ~ please note that this class is at ever afters new location,,,,,,
this class *document today* came and went this past weekend,,,,, i will be bringing by kits to sell at the store if youre interested, or i can also help you out if you would like a kit shipped out to you. speaking of kits ~ man have i got some kits for you!!! most of the classes that i have taught as of late i have a kit or two,,, maybe three laying around,,,, i will be visiting the post office this week ~ very soon, and if you get an order to me within the next few days, i will cover your shipping,,,, im trying keep things a rollin' so that i can purchase new products and be *current* with all this industry has to offer... with that i said, i do want to encourage you to always check with your ever after or pink pineapple first to see if they have any of my kits in stock there. i do have a few of the following in my own *stock* *document today*, *its good to be queen*, *the great escape*, *my lucky life*, *firefly chasers*, *hello vacation* and *claifornia dreamin'*,,, alright, if you want pricing or specific information about these ~ for example what the kits includes please email me @ . i do have to admit, my kits come pretty well organized including 4X6 photos of each spread. some of them come with a bottle or two of stickels and one even come with a full flocking powder jar from doodle bug!!! yep, i love the peps that purchase my kits and keep me rolling so i do my best to try to return the favor,,,, with that said, im gonna go create something,,,,, dont hesitate to drop me an email for information,,,, oh and im all set up to accept paypal,,, yay!!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

and for the grand finale of birthdays running around of people that i love,,,, my pops!!! he turns 56 today also,,, you know like my mom,,, kinda interesting how my mom is about 19 (or so) days older than my pops and i am also about 19 (or so) days older than my hubbs,,, interesting,,, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD ~ I LOVE YOU!!!!! have fun golfing today with ricardo,,,, xoxoxoxox

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

im feeling so inspired today,,,, and super excited about this next kit,,,,,, just wanted to share,,,, ,,,its gonna be rad ~ i can already tell!!!!
i was shopping around on etsy a few minutes ago and found this etsy shop ~ its crazy cute!!!! i love this kind of rock star baby goods ~ they make me happy!!! im sure before i know it ~ sofia will be rocking some of the leg warmers or something rad like that!!!
take care,,,, that all for now,,,,,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

no new projects to chat about today, just life stuff,,,, we had sofias second birthday party this past saturday,,, so much fun!!!! yeah, a good hundred and somethin' people later,,,,, my in laws, my parents, the hubbs and i all team up and enjoy throwing a fun for all birthday party!!! we had pony rides, the jumpers, a petting zoo, a face painter, a taco man and even a boccie ball tournament for the men. we like everyone that comes, to enjoy themselves ~ especially the parents!!! here is the belle of the ball herself,,,,,
by the way, my mother in law is now in the process of convincing my father in law to get a pony!!!! my kids are so lucky!!!!!
yeah, the kids were actually trying to tell sofia not to put her fingers in the cake!!! haha,,,, yeah right, do what you do baby girl!!!! SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE MOM ;)
good stuff,,,, anyway, i have been going through quite the apron fever as of late,,,, i got these two babies in the mail just today ~ so excited,,,, if you ever want an apron, hit me up for more links, i do lots of research,,, but here is where i got these two babies,,,
and i got this one here,,, a neat lady and a pleasure to work with!!!!
anyway, i had very little to chat about, but dont want to leave my blog unloved,,,, i am currently working on some fun halloween projects!!!! i looooove me some halloween!!!! i hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!!! happy tuesday,,,,

Saturday, September 6, 2008

class ~ class ~ class,,,,, so this is actually a fun little project,,, i have done it before, but it was before i was teachin'.... i take a day ~ any ol' day that would be considered *normal* ~ by the way ~ what is *normal*?!?!? anyway, i document every piece,,, the kids waking up in the morning, mornin' coffee, breakfast,,, driving and so on,,, i even write down the times and whatever it is we are dong. it is actually a lot of fun ~ especially because ~ as i said, i have done this project before, and i have been able to look back at that project and admire it. i thought it would be fun to put together a mini album ~ that is not so *mini* ~ 11 pages!!!! but anyway, we will be putting together this mini for you to add your photos and notes from the day... i also included some fun and inspiring quotes,,,, i hope you likey!!!!!this class is at ever after * their NEW location* ~ sunday ~ as in next weekend the 14th at 1:00.... i hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old man!!! yep ~ today is my hubbs 28 birthday,,, and YES, i am older than him,,, by eighteen whole days ~ but who is counting right?!?!? thats just how i roll, i married a younger man!!!! anyway, as you can tell ~ we have had a ton of birthdays around here,,, and a few more to come,,,, but for now ~ at least today ~ its my hubbys birthday,,,, i get to take him to dinner and a movie thanks to my mama ~ shes gonna watch the kids!!!! i can wait!!! love you babe!!! xoxoxox,,,,, he is pretty cute uh??? I LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hey ~ look at me!!! ive got business cards!!! i guess ill need to order "the business women special" like romy and michelle from now on uh???,,,,, you know ~ right?!?! romy and michelles high school reunion,,, alright, so you know when youre going to take a photo ~ just to put it on your blog,,, and youve got to have a cool back ground right??? tell me im not the only one,,,, anyway, i looked no further than my new day of the dead ~ or better yet dia de los muertos bath robe i just picked up from target,,, cute pocket uh?!?! anyway, pj, i was really jealous of your post when you said you had just gotten your cards, cause i knew mine were right behind yours!!!! i do have to give big ~ huge props to lauren for her creating these and working hand in hand with a graphic designer,,, that i dont know,,,, but i will find out,,, well, i do know his name is dylan, but thats all i know,,,, ill find out,,,, **wow ~ reading this back, i kinda was all over the place,,, hope you can follow,,,,**i forgot to share these next two photos,,, rica and i went out of town last weekend, to costa mesa ~ i looove it there,,,, anyway, i had to go to the lab {the anti mall} ~ have you ever been?!?! amazing,,, i love it there too!!! kinda my old stomping grounds *actually this whole area of costa mesa*,,,, anyway, there was an amazing piece of artwork on the side of urban outfitters and it reads *hope* ~ i just loved it and had to share,,,,
and of course, you know because i am who i am,,,, i couldnt resist this halloween card that kept me laughing at the san clemente car wash,,,, so funny,,, i dont even remember what the inside said, but who cares!?!?! this is good stuff right here,,,,,
alright ~ im out,,,,, night,,,

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