Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a quickie recap on my most favorite birthday, like, ever!!!!
saturday, we got a limo bus and went wine tasting up in temec, my home town. it was oh, so much fun!!! and i had pink hair for the occasion,,,
here is one half of the bus,,,
then sunday, was a perfectly mellow day spent with my favorite scrapping friends!!! my bestie, nely, carrie and gloria. love these ladies a lot, a lot. nely put together the most amazing album, which i will share, but we are missing one layout. she collected layouts that all of you made for me. seriously, if you took part in this, thank you. you have no idea how much it touched me to see all the creations you did, for me. thank you. and thank you nely for putting it together. and nely hosted this perfectly peaceful day of scrapping for me, complete with snacks, brewskies and my favorite friends,,,
i had to take this picture, its what i was looking at as i was about to blow out my birthday candles,,, its what it looks like to have creative friends, always ready to snap a picture,,,
and cheers to gloria and carrie for this oh so amazing birthday cake they created for me!!! isnt it beautiful!?!? im in love, and so happy.
thank you, for making my birthday my favorite so far,,, creations and projects coming soon,,, gotta go finish up the teeny details of the september addicts kit,,,,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what else would any girl buy for herself for her 30th birthday?!?!?
so excited!!!! thanks you for all the sweet birthday wishes, especially on facebook ~ oh my!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

thirty years ago today,,,, this was me,,,,
and these are just good ol photos,,,

Monday, August 9, 2010

were here,,, and having oh so much fun!!! and im really, really excited that i have internet in the room!!! yip~pee!!! wanted to say hi and thanks for all the sweet comments!!! {hi mom}
yeah, check out my friend, matts t-shirt,,, are you kidding me?? of course im having a good time!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

anddddd im out,,, again,,, off to the domincian republic with two other couples and my hubby ~ no kids,,, yikes!!!! gonna miss them a lot, a lot,,, and you too, of course,,, im updating my iphone with lots of new music to keep me happy. i have new books to read. but still,,, gonna miss those babies. and my nely. and our adorable etsy shop, and the fact the *sweet escape* and *lemonade* are selling of the shelfs like no other,,, its such a rad feeling!!!!
alright,, oh, i started tumblr,,, you know, because i always jump on the band wagon,,, :-) follow me there,,, im hoping for quick and easy updates over there,,, if youre on tumblr, lets be friends,,, not totally sure how it works, but lets,,, wanna?? :-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oh my, oh my, these kits take my breath away,,, for august, weve got, just for you, the *sweet escape* main kit and *lemonade* for our add on kit,,, theyre amazing,,, im gonna go create with them now,,,, ill be back later to share projects :-)

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