Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i havent played along with them for a bit either. so, you know, i did. this challenge. and my favorite number is 8. so *crazy 8*s was a great title, huh?? i know, i know, wicked smart. you dont have to remind me. not really how the picture represents crazy 8s, but whatever, which picture really would?? hey, ive got an 8 on my sweatshirt, thats gotta count for something!!! love, ally

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

scrap outside the box had the newest challenge up, and im guessing you beat me to the punch on this one. what a naughty design team member i am, im just posting mine. but really, my internet has been down 95% of the last week. i know, i know, excuses,,, anyway, here is the challenge. and here is my take ~ *sweet memories* go play!!!!

love you, love ally

Monday, September 28, 2009

i, sadly, havent played along with scrap mojo for a bit. i think it hasnt been since this. life. huh?? but i wanted to play along with their latest challenge, so, well, i did. here is the prompt,,, part of the prompt was to use a technique youve never done before. as random as it may seem, i, honestly have never colored in on a layout before. go figure. and it turns out, i suck. i cant color worth a lick. art has always been a weakness of mine, oh how i wish i could do better. anyway, so, my *technique* {if you will}, was simply coloring in the little bits and pieces of the sassafrass lass paper. here is *ally*son*. oh, and if youre wondering about the whole ally*son thing,,, my friends have always sang my name ~ like ally*son, and i love it. if it isnt ally, its a song of ally-son,, and i think its cute. anyway, i had this car, pretty rad car {only if you ask me}, but anyway, my license plate said that ~ aly*son ~ and i loved it, and i still do. anyway, thats that, here is my layout for scrapmojo. *allyson*its kinda sorta simple, but i kinda sorta like it that way,,,
love, ally

Friday, September 25, 2009

alright, so remember this class?? remember we were gonna have a make up date for those that havent finished?? did you remember its tis sunday?? 12:00-4:00. just thought id remind you. call to sign up if youre gonna be there. ill be there {no doi} and probably scrapping!!! oh yeah 760*598*2222

love, ally

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the newest prompt went up yesterday for the pink ninjas. addictions,,, mine, yeah, it kinda like crack,,, im very, very, addicted to these little aceo cards from missy elsie. here is mine,,, *its like crack*

love, ally

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

go figure, the layout i despise {maybe the very most}, was on top of my blog for who knows how many days,,, but I'm not gonna dwell on it. i can't. i won't. hi. im here, and YES, i am alive. thank you to those of you that looked for me, and even sent emails wondering if i was okay. i really, REALLY appreciate it. thank YOU. i know i never said it out loud, but i did tell myself i would blog everyday for a whole year. and secretly, you counted on it too. well, crap, i got so close. can i have a little credit for the 261 days i made it?? i missed a few days, and i gotta be honest, it felt alright. so now, yeah, im still gonna blog like crazy, totally not going anywhere, i need you too desperately. but now, since i suck and didn't make my own personal cut, ill be blogging as i feel. sometimes, i just didnt feel like blogging, but i did, because i promised i would. well, promises will be broken, bridges will burn and life will go on. im pretty sure you are already over it and ready to move on with me,,, so let's get on with it,,, my life about six weeks ago changed like crazy, crazy,,, i would come, go, stay, leave, play, relax, dream, create,,, anything. whatevers me and my kiddos felt like doing that day. then, it started,,, soccer, tap, ballet, soccer *team* mom, room mama, oh yeah, and lets not forget the most important - school!!!
ive learned -
*moments like this are hard to explain, they feel so good.
*mousie mousie is even more important to me than i thought {and i thought that she was really important to begin with}.
*im having a hard time being a crutch for others, as im struggling with standing on my own two feet at the moment as it is,,,
*watching your four year old dude score a goal at his soccer game might be the greatest feeling in the whole wide world {i cried}
*that my friends are rocks. and now i get it, because they are there when you hit them, rock bottom. they are like little pieces of padding waiting to soften your blow, to make it more cozy.
*i live ever so close to americas finest city, and i have taken it for granted. big time.
*that a simple day trip with an amazing girlfriend can help you feel so happy and cozy on the inside
*that i, too, am guilty of being wrapped up in random, really not so important *things* like the internet,, well, make that *a thing*
*and yes, when all else fails, i do recommend you to listen to lady gaga ~ *just dance*
wanna hear something else?? this hot chick and i are picking our design team tonight!!! were so excited!!! cant wait!!
thank you, for being my friend.
love you, love ally*son joy

Friday, September 18, 2009

so, yeah, im gonna be really honest with you. im not too much, a big fan of this layout. not at all, really. i had zero intention of sharing it on my blog {i try to keep pretties here}, but im outta ideas to blog about so here she is. inspired by glorias challenge blog. here is the challenge. one of my favorite summer memories!!! i think it i had different letters for the title id like it better,,, but whatevs,,, here is *no doubt*
kinda ehhh,,, but again, whatevs,,, hopefully ill have something better manana
love, ally*son

Thursday, September 17, 2009

challenge #36 is up over at dream girls,,,, why are these prompts so wicked smart?? i love em. here is mine,,, *uh~oh*,,, i finally got my bud to take a picture with me, and i cut his noggin off,,, whoops,,, better yet uh~oh. im a big, big time fan of robert fulghum and this was a line from his book, *uh~oh*. cant wait to see what you create!!!!
love, ally

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i wanna start, first of all with an apology. im really, really sorry that i havent been very social as of late on the internet. i miss you. yes, you. im sorry i havent visited your blog, its got all ive got left in me {as far as time goes} to even post these quick post i try to squeeze into my daily life. im sorry. and im trying my very hardest to catch up,,, ill be by very soon {i hope}, but please dont lose faith in me. i do, love you!!! promise. and i miss telling you how rad you are. i really do.
with that being said, here is my second glitter atc swap. kinda, sorta, outta what i would call my *norm*, but i likey non the less. maybe because it does feel like i branched out a tad bit. by the way, all the glitter atcs have been shipped out. and those of you that will be picking your up at the store, ill be there tonight with the, for the alice swap. if you dont come by tonight, ill leave them in my box in the back. just ask one of the chickys for your package. :-)

love you, love ally*son

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

here is my first set of glitter atcs for the glitter atc swap i hosted in honor of missy danielle. totally inspire by this card i had created a few months back,,, i loved the card so i thought i couldnt got wrong making an even smaller, more glittery version,,,
love, ally

Monday, September 14, 2009

soooooo,,, rad news over at the pink ninjas,,,, we hit 100 followers last wednesday!!! so excited!!! this makes us sooooo happy, so thank you very much!!! in honor of our happy time and celebration, ninja nely suggested we bust out some layouts for the occasion. the theme?? anything 100, a list, 100 items, 100 loves, 100 anything!! the design team busted out some great layouts, mine was a little late {hey, ninja head quarters have been pretty intense as of late}, but never the less, here is mine,,, with a 100 flowers, go ahead, count em!!!! *stop & smell the flowers*,,,i hope you play along!!!
love, ally

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