Monday, January 31, 2011

candy shoppe designs is having a rad blog hop meme,, yep,, i said blog hop meme.
if this is your first time visiting my blog,, awesome, welcome,,, check me out and if youve been here before, welcome back,, love familiar faces and new ones too for that matter ;-) ;-)
sponsored by the paper trail,,, here is the prize you could win,,,
how the meme works,,, we, the chicks at candy shoppe designs each came up with our very own question {meme} for you to answer.
*you can answer them all or just pick three.
*you gotta be a follower of all of our blogs as well as the candy shoppe designs blog.
*make a post about the meme blog hop on your blog and answer all {or three} of the questions. *link your post up on mister linky on the csd blog. and thats that!!!
here are my questions and answers,,,,
1}what is your favorite or most recent etsy purchase and who are your favorite etsy sellers?? well, of course, this one is my favorite, favorite store ever,,, i dont buy anymore scrapbooking supplies,, everything i use comes from the pink ninja kits. love, love!!!
my most recent etsy purchase was this adorable little tutu number for my dancer girl baby
and other recent purchases that i love,,, this fun poison apple fawn tee from emandsprout,,,
this couldnt live without you dress that is even better in person!!! whenever i wear it people go nuts over it, you know, because its bambi and oh so cute!!!
this dress that i picked up for halloween,, i love it and it fits perfectly!!! i totally recommend this seller
and finally, this artist is amazing,, she is beyond magical and wicked talented,,, love all the paintings ive purchased, but zofia is my fav!!!
and some of my favorite shops that i frequent {just a very few compared to how many i really love} are sorryclementine, the phOtoshOp, simbiosisbyjulia, laurelslullaby {for baby gifts ~ perfection} those should keep you busy for a bit :-) i love etsy a lot, a lot. especially for gifts!!!
6}what are your favorite words or words that you find yourself using most frequently?? i gota admit, i talk like a totally product of the eighties. i love using the words *rad* {that one is probably my favorite} and i love *awesome*, *wicked*, *lame* and i gotta admit, i use quite a bit of four & five letter words and my mom and dad totally hate it,,, but sometimes, no other word will work, right?? i mean c'mon!!!!
10}what is your guilty pleasure?? man, as of late, i cant shake this horrible habit & craving for in-n-out. i love me some in-n-out. like a lot a lot. i go grilled cheese, animal style with extra lettuce and extra catsup,,, love, love, love,,, i had one this past saturday,, never disappoints!!!
so there are my answers,,, here is the list for the blog hop,, in order,,,
ally ~ sour patch chick {hi, thats me, youre here}
jeanette a ~ lush liquorice
jeanette s ~ pink sugar
katherine ~ kit kat
kimmy ~ foreign chocolate correspondent
kristin ~ pumpkin sue
lynnette ~ cherry lolita
mo ~ lil mint mocha
myia ~ brown sugar
sookie ~ cinnamon swirl
and there you go,,, have fun hopping along and thanks again for the visit!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i love betsey johnson for having adorable girly girl dresses with wicked patterns,,, seriously, pterodactyls on a charming little blue number with lace trim?? genius,,, tulle petti-skirt with skull print?? a dress that would totally work wonders for any super frilly fancy pants evening {that im usually never a part of},, but a girl can window shop all she wants, yes?? love these,,,

Saturday, January 22, 2011

if youve followed my blog long enough, you know that our family has a history of working with what i would consider, the very, very, VERY best photographer in the world. shes crazy good, adorable and so, soo much fun to work with!! we all {even my husband} look forward to our annual photo shoot with miss kacey luvi of arizona. here is what the past years have given us,,, {these are just the group shots, the individual shots and kids shots are wicked good},,,

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