Thursday, April 30, 2009

thank you for the inspiration nely ~ im always in for these kind of games,,,
alright ~ so here are ten honest things about meeeeee,,,

*im additcted my my iphone ~ no like really, really additcted to it. i have to charge it twice daily because i drain the battery like crazy,, more than likely if ive ever emailed you ~ it was probably from my iphone. go get one ~ you wont be sorry,,,, :-D
*my best friend is a boy
*everything that is a *hobby* in my life comes and goes in spurts. as of late ~ im back into sudoku. facebook,,, eghhh,, myspace,, eghhhh,,, blogs {yes even blogs} eggghh,, but that only this week, next week ill be back into something else,, i honestly havent been scrapping too much lately either,,, hmmm,, *funk*
*since 1987 ~ i knew that vans shoes were gonna rock my world for the rest of my life. i love ~ love vans and so do my little monkeys,,,
*i pray like crazy,,, like ~ i pray about everything,,, and i believe whole heartly in praying. praying is totally rad,,,,
*i really am i ninja. promise & proof,,,,
*i just got this painting from you know who,,,,*i wear my heart on my sleeve
*honestly, i need a massage,,, like big time!!!!
*this is still one of my all time favorite pictures, like ever,,,*i have little ~ or better yet ~ NO ~ self control when it comes to vans, victorias secret, true religion jeans and pink pineapple
*this is my kids world ~ *we* just live in it. at least thats what they believe,,, ;-D
*i will totally kick your royal butt in tetris ~ promise,,,,
*oh, and angels do exist,,,,


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

totally not scrapbook related, but entertaining non the less,,,, well,,, i think so at least,,, i have always sucked hard core at applying mascara ~ dont know why, but my everyday mascara application looks like this,,, i even did the same my wedding day ~ yup ~ the girly that did my make up {i told her i wanted to do the mascara} DIED when she had to touch me up ~ like big time!!!!

i didnt really have much scrapbook stuff on my mind, so i thought this wold be kinda funny for the moment,,,, ha ~ totally random,,,, :-D


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

52 sketch 52 weeks has a new sketch up ~ yay for this time of the week ~ and yay for a more simple approach {by me} on this sketch,,, play ~ play ~ play!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

wow ~ what a packed weekend with a packed card class to tie a big *pink* bow around it all in the end!!! thanks you ladies ~ those who make it to every {or at least *almost* every} card class and to those of you whom i just met ~ *thank you* and thank you pink pineapple!!! *love* ~ *love* ~ *love* ~ love this mother daughter combo ~ always bring some real life to the group ~ glad you guys made it denise!!! :-Dokay so after my back~to~back classes ~ which were so fun, i swear pink brings in the coolest peps to take classes ~ their class always rock ~ anyway, i can home, gave the pups some water and look what i found,,, check out the size of the *ahem* butterfly {???} alright ~ alright you got me ~ moth, but beautiful non the less,,, just to size it up ~ this moth is next to the foot of my six year rottweiler,,, big daddy ~ right?? i had to share a few the photos from my photo shoot with the moth,,, simply beautiful,,, "hey nely are these good landscape photos???" :-D
ahhhh,,, today, im gonna relax allllll day,,,,, or maybe take my the kids to the wild animal park,,, hmmm,,, :-D


Sunday, April 26, 2009

dear pink pineapple, i used to think that you were the very most amazing store in san diego county and i have always been deeply in love with you and i am now more open to admitting the fact that i have a big crush on you. its true, i really do. anyway, like i was saying,,, i *used* to *think*,,, well now i have to admit that i know {like i know im breathing this very moment} that you are by far the coolest, greatest, most inspiring, amazing, over the top, cant wait to get there, hate to leave, party like a rock star, purchase only the finest of scrapbook goods, wicked, uplifting, blow me away with kindness scrapbook store in the whole wide world. yep ~ WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!! i have had an amazing weekend at pink pineapple and i get to spend one more day there,,, today!!! for my classes. i cant express to those of you whom read my blog and might not live in the area, you have *got to* check out pink pineapple if you ever get a chance to visit us here in sunny california. friday nights crop was amazing, as usual. we have a great, i mean GREAT group of chickys that we all scrap together and i have to admit i soooo look forward to any of our dates we have planned. saturday i took carries flower pots class ~ too cute for words {and i hope youre feeling better carrie} and following carries class, i spent the rest of the afternoon with missy emily falconbridge taking this class. what a great weekend ~ right?? *sigh* i love this feeling, i might have even shook this crappy funk out of my system,,, thank you {as always} pink pineapple!!!~cheers~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

pink pineapple is so rad ~ i love it the most!!! i went there last night for their monthly theme crop and threw this little baby together,,, love all the new prima they have!!!!
and im on my way back to the store in a few,,,,, what a great weekend huh??

Friday, April 24, 2009

class information for may,,, i am actually taking a {much needed} *one month* break from my *get er done* series. *so sorry*, but it has to be done. i am following through with my ever~so~popular card class and here are the samples,,, class sunday 17 may @ 1:00 at pink pineapple and costs $22.00,,, do you see the mushroom card?? hi cutie~pie card!!!! :-D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

my first layout for pink pineapple design team is ret~to~goooooo!!! i used prima papers, custom prima flowers {yes ~ i said custom}, some thickers, i stitched some tulle, hambly, buttons,,,, yadda, yadda, yadda,,, you gotta go to the store to see more,,, but not yet ~ friday, itll be there!!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sunday the new sketch ~ {sketch number sixteen} came up at 52 sketches 52 weeks!!! here is the sketch,,, followed by my take,,, *simple beauty*,,,

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so as i mentioned yesterday,,, i am lucky and stoked like crazy to be the guest designer for the scrapmojo blog this challenge,,, straight from their blog ~ here is the challenge,, followed by my take,,, *never, never land*,,,
I use to watch peter pan when I was a little girl and dream of being Wendy. I wanted so much for Peter and the Lost Boys to be real. Sadly they weren't. There is so much to that story that I love and I thought what a great scrapbook page those things would make. That is our challenge to you. Use ANYTHING from Peter Pan that YOU love. We do mean anything. For the second part of the challenge use a frame some where some how on your page.
okay, seriously i had no clue that pirate ship would take sooooo long, but totally worth it. fun stuff going on here,,, have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

i dont know what it is, but i still think this is really, really funny!!! check out his ever so serious, dont you dare mess with me, im the man face. so rad.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

more flickr love,,,, gnomes!!!are you feeling the magic??? oh yeah ~ credits,,,, :-D

Friday, April 17, 2009

forward my calls,,, i have a very important date tonight with two rad chicks,,, miss bree and miss brit~brit,,,, and just because,,,, :-Dits on like donkey kong!!!!!

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