Friday, July 31, 2009

dear gwen steffani, thank you so much for taking the time to personally invite me and my girl nely to your concert tonight. we are far beyond excited and will be the two crazy girls dancing like wild women!!! cant wait,,, see you tonight,,,
love you, love ally

Thursday, July 30, 2009

yesterday was wednesday ~ again ~ the newest prompt is up over at the pink ninjas,,, we love wednesdays around here!!! the latest prompt was my pick ~ in case you havent realized missy nely and i switch off every other week,,, we love being ninjas together ~ were all one big happy family,,, anyway,, back to the game plan and inspiration,,, this week {again ~ like i said} was mine, i choose to scrap *chicks*,,, so here is mine, cleverly titled,,, errrr,,, *chicks*,,,
i hope to inspire you,,, hope to see you playing along with us very soooooon!!!! oh by the way ~ the danielle inspired atc ~ glitter swap ~ one spot left baby ~ these things keep filling up faster and faster,,, geez,,,, its awesome :-D
love you, love ally

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

so ~ im getting together with danielle and hosting a special VIP style atc swap action,,, just in her honor :-D. danielle was a part of the first atc swap i hosted here on my blog and wanted to play along again, so i suggested hosting an atc swap in her honor,,, and she accepted. the theme this time around was her choice and i have to admit i likey. glitter. like a lot, i likey. same general rules apply, we will take on the first twelve and the due date for these babies is 10 september. please email me at if youd like to be a part of it. if you are involved in the second swap that is in action right now, please feel free to play this time also. :-D you will mail all the atcs to me, along with a pre paid & pre addressed package for me to ship out the swapped atcs back to you. and thats that. im really excited about this and working with danielle again, she is such a sweetheart,,, so lemme know if youd like to be a part of the glittery atc swap action. cant wait to hear from you!!!
**also, i sent out emails two days ago for the second atc swap ~ if you are playing with us on that one, please keep an eye on your spam box** :-D
love you, love ally

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

from flickr ~ to the blog ~ to the etsy shop,,, had to share this new treasure,,, enjoy :-D*love
cute. right??
love you, love ally

Monday, July 27, 2009

here is a peak at one side of the atc sheet that goes in my layout class thats coming up at pink,,, the class that missy heidi suggested i name *two weeks in a day* and im totally going with that because i think its just about perfect,,, thanks heidi :-D *two weeks in a day is a multi shaped, multi dimensional way to start off a new twist on scrapping. i will be leading you through a 14 page layout class that will include layouts of the following sizes; 6X12, 12X12, 8 1/2X11 and atc cards just for kicks. there will be a ton of painting, inking, splattering, misting, masking, sewing and just about any and every technique weve all been curious about and might not have touched yet,,, this is the start of a new series i will be teaching exclusively at pink pineapple scrapbooks, and promises to be an eventful class!!!! please bring with you - sewing machine {if you have one}, paints {if your specific to colors - paints will be provided}, a cute apron {or just a plain apron - or clothes that you dont mind getting messy!!!}, paint brush, thread {again, if you're specific to colors}, paper trimmer, tape runner, the ultimate glue, pop dots, brown ink, scissors, and an open mind please :-) spots are very limited and this class has already sold out twice, we have worked and created a *few* more spots,,, {don't say we didn't warn you} :-). cant wait to see you there!!!*
yay!!! we loooove this class!!! and i added a few more spots so thats rad too!!!! thank you to all of you that have signed up, i love doing exactly what my creativity is allowing me to pull off these days,,, love, love, love,,,
love you, love ally

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the undies have been replaced,,, and since missy emily was curious about my art and how its displayed throughout mi casa i thought i share this,,, right, smack dab above our bed :-D not sure where the undies will be placed now,,, but i know theyll find a perfect home,,,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sweet ~ we got our second atc swap in action,,, the theme this time around is vintage and its gonna be soooo stinkin cute!! im waiting on three more atcs for the the transparency swap to arrive and then ill show off pictures for that one!!! so excited, im {geez, all over the place right now huh??} waiting on a few email addys so that i can get things rolling with this second swap as far as deadline goes and yadda, yadda,,,, cant wait to get started,,, cant wait for the rest of the first swap to arrive!!! its like christmas yo!!!!
and since i cant post minus photos ~ check out this baby lizard,,, really, really cute ~ right??

Friday, July 24, 2009

the newest prompt over at scrap outside the box is a good one,,, easy, for me at least to find coffee filters in mi casa!!! thanks shaina for a fun prompt!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the newest challenge over at dream girls is sooo sweet,,, {like awwww sweet ~ not to be confused with bad ass sweet} ~ i have been searching around through the dream girls flickr group and i keep coming across more and more beautiful titles for this challenge,,, i keep saying over and over,, love the title, love the title, very sweet :-D. the challenge is this,,,
Prompt: Use the word Measure on your layout
Technique: {Distressing}Sanding, inking
Product: Measuring tape
here is my take,,, *measure lifes lessons* ~ i hope you arent sick of this picture of me yet,,, because im not!!!
love you, love ally

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the lattest prompt is up over at pink ninjas,,,, for some resaon this one kicked my butt!!! nely and i switch off the prompts and this one was hers,,, {thanks nely} kidding,,, :-D but yeah, for some reason,,, i just couldnt pull it off,,, here is my take on the stripes or polka dots prompt,,, lemme see what you got!!! *apple of my eye*
cant wait to see what you come up with!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i wanted to wait,,, i wanted to wait,,, i *wanted* to wait,,, to spill the beans,,, but i couldnt wait any longer,,, yesterday was the due date for my atc swap im hosting {hint, hint},,, and now im ready to share mine,,, im still waiting on a few,,, in the mail and a few from the store, but for now here are mine,,, i have in my hot little ~ well, actually sadly, kinda big hands, but you know,,, danielles and carries and they freaking rock!!! which by the way ~ im now opening up to another atc swap ~ this baby was so much fun ~ so i gotta do it again!!!! email me or leave me a blog comment and lemme know if youre in. im taking {again} the first 12 peps!!!! gonna be another fun one!!!! anyway, here are mine, and if youre playing along this time around, please lemme know if yours are on their wayyyyyyy!! :-D cant barely stand the wait!!!! i had to go with something specific to represent meeeee!!! i think i might have nailed it,,,,this one is for this girly,,,, {xoxo}
i love em ~ do you??? be honest,,,, :-D

Monday, July 20, 2009

last time i went to disneyland i started my collection of vinylmations,,, i got one and it felt sooo good ~ fun really, then it lead into two, then three, and finally four,,, you get these babies in a blind box, kinda like dunnys, but disney, so better {if you ask me} ~ although my collection for those babies is growing as well,,, cute little toys,,, fun to collect. anyway, i got really excited because i got an email a week {or so} ago saying that i can have my vinylmations delivered to my door ~ yay!!! i picked up a few and they are headed my way,,, i cant wait to see which ones they are!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

as promised,,, another peak from my class,,,, i forgot to mention yesterday, that ill be bringing my sewing machine and if youre taking the class and have a sewing machine, please bring yours as well :-D {thank you}


Saturday, July 18, 2009

i have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off as of late,,, trying to reach each of the deadlines that have been given to me ~ or that i have given myself,,, yesterday i locked myself in my house and almost completed my class sample for the 14 layout class coming up at pink. it sold out right away ~ then we added a few more spots,,, havent checked in the last few days if those spots have been filled, but the news made me happy non the less,,, i really wanna come up with an awesome name for the class ~ sounds pretty boring at *14 layouts*,,, blahhh,,, lemme know if you have any rad ideas,,, and im sorry to those whose blogs i have ignored as of late, internet time has been very limited!! anyway, today {and tomorrow too} im gonna share a peak at the class coming up,,, you can call the store to sign up 760*598*2222. the class will consist of {like i said} 14 layouts. of those 14 layouts ~ there will be 2 ~ 12X12 layouts, 4 ~ 8 1/2X11 layouts, 4 ~ 6X12 layouts and 2 {front and back} ~ atc sheets,,, we will be using a ton of different mixed media techniques as playing with paint, ink, glimmer mist, really anything you wanna add,,,
included in your kit
*one sheet making memories tiny letters
*one package of thickers
*all the papers needed pre cut, and the scrap will be included {because we gonna use them}
*two atc holders for you album
*ribbons galore
*and i will provide the ink, paint, glimmer mist, tape and techniques
*you will have the option to purchase page protectors for an additional fee. :-D
and here is one of the 6X12 layouts,,, ive gotta admit, i hadnt ever busted out a 6X12 before this class sample, and mama likey :-D
see you tomorrow with another sneaky peaky

Friday, July 17, 2009

i created my layout for the june glorias pink challenge and turned it in before taking some pictures to share,,, shame, shame, shame,,, the theme was to scrap a song that inspires you,,, my song?? by missy brit~brit *circus*,,, *all eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus*,,, i used a picture from the circus we hit up a few months back,,, if you look close {this in really, really immature of me, but crazy, funny non the less},,, the dude walking the elephant has his finger sooooo far up his nose, just digging and diggin for gold ~ and i caught him on camera!!! i so badly wanted to add some bling circles around his picture to add to the funny~ness {homemade patented new word},, but i opted not to. you know, to look all sophisticated and what not,,, anyway, this baby ended up being the challenge winner!! yipeeee,,, its probably thanks to the finger, upper, the noser, dude {thanks dude},,,

this just in,,, me and this pretty lady are gonna have a date with miss brit~brit herself 24th september,,, its gonna be sooooo much fun!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the latest prompt is up over at the pink ninjas,,, have you seen it yet?? oh the places youll go,,, here is my take ~ i used a picture from our vacation last year to the caribbean,,,
remember if you play along to leave a link so we can tell you nice things,,,, :-D

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ode to american crafts,,, as most of you know american crafts is one of my favs when it comes to over all scrapping, i use only their albums, mostly only their thickers and adore each and every one of their paper lines,,, recently they put out a design team call that i have been pondering over,,, i still havent decided if i wanna go for it {of course for fear of rejection},,, but non the less i thought i would share my top american crafts projects i have played with,,, and then think if i wanna try out or not,,, {im shy},,,
this mini was a class i taught last year. it was a fun project to put together and a great way to document a normal day in the life of my monkeys. i took pictures of everything we did that day, wrote down the times with the events and put it all together in a mini album. *document today*,,, i used the everyday line from american crafts,,,
i just taught a card class at my fav store in the whole, whole wide world and here are my two favorite cards from the class. i used the new american crafts teen linehere are a couple of fun layouts i used american crafts paper lines in. they were mostly for various challenges,,,
and then finally, these last two are pretty simple, mainly because i have an on-going project for my baby brother. i wanted to keep it fairly simple because he doesnt know any better {sorry, but its true},,, and because i have one million pictures of him so in order to keep things a rollin, i had to go kinda, sorta simple,,, so here is the first page,,, and another page from the album,,,
so there it is,,, whatcha think?? should i try,,, or not,,, should i try,,, or not,,, should i try,,,

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