Tuesday, November 30, 2010

hi. its been a bit huh?? do you want the long version, or the short version?? life. thats it. period. ive been laying super low as of late. online at least. i havent even seen my pretty best friend in, like, forever!!!! my kids keep me so busy lately. i havent updated my mother of the year blog since august or something,,,!!!! {but thats because im busy being a ahem, *mother of the year*,,, soccer season just ended,,, had to plan two team parties, {im team mom for both of my kiddos teams}
i never shared halloween pictures, such a shame because i had an adorable family of outfits {hank included},,,
we got a new puppy. yes, another one. its the kids' early christmas present. im in love. hes sorta perfect. this is jack.
i went to the desert. it came at a good time. ive really needed to take a lot of time for myself. my family. my mind and my heart. life does that sometimes. i had a long break and sorta re-grouped my thoughts and feelings. i havent done a lot of scrapping as of late,,, maybe thats the problem with my mind,,, i know it likes being creative. ive done a crap-load of puzzles though. yeah, puzzles. great fun. {seriously} i also got super hooked on glee. borrowed the first season from my mom and pretty much watched the entire season in two days!! yeah, im a gleek. great.
buttttt,, the good news is that its not too late to play along with candy shoppe designs. the newest prompt was fun,, dirty little secrets. yeah, i sleep with a baby blanket. i would say *still*,, but i havent always. i basically got jealous when my kids were babies and wanted one for myself. my blankies go everywhere with me,,, they even went to the desert this past weekend. yeah, they go everywhere. cant sleep without one {or both},,, here is my take on the prompt,,, *baby blankie*,,, which i used the sold out *sweet escape* addicts kit.
and since soccer is over now,,, all i have to do for mama hood is take sofia to dance, gymnastics, horse back riding and tee ball is right around the corner for both. busy, busy, busy,,, wish i had time to scrap all these amazing memories me and my kids are creating,,, one day. i will one day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

i have the raddest friend,,,, he sent me this video,,, its so worth it, promise.
adorable photo is from we ♥ it ~ like, duh,,, ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

hey nerd. whats up?? the newest prompt went up over at nvs. check it. i had a hard time with this one. so simple.
but alas,, here is my take on the collage,,, here is *sea world magic*no school today. rad. im gonna take my monkeys to the childrens museum and eat dinner with my parents. so excited. any plans?? do share,,,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

heeeyyyyyy!!!! how you doing?? did ya have a good halloweenie?? i did. i miss you. two rad things happened recently,
a} the new addiction was released on the first. its sweet. like, really sweet. *suits and ladders* and the add on kit *coasters and frisbees*
2} the newest prompt went up over at candy shop designs. really, i could use animal print in everything i touch, wear, create, whatevs,,, i love me some animal print,,, i actually did two layouts for this prompt, cant remember if i shared the other,,, but for now, here is the layout i created using *suits and ladders* as well as *coasters and frisbees*,,,
what good looking boys huh?? lucky meeeeeeeeeee!

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