Thursday, July 31, 2008

im so excited ~ my favorite season(s) and holiday(s) are on their way,,,, starting with halloween... daniel and sofia were even kinda getting into the decorations at michaels yesterday, i couldnt help but take a few pictures in the isles of my favorite pieces,,,,
,,,,,and im so lovein' all the cha halloween products that i keep coming across. i have an amazing idea for a class that i will be teachin' at pink pineapple sunday 26 october 1:00,,, ill *of course* show peeks of this little cutie as it comes to life!!!! i hope everyone is having a good day!!!

~ciao bella~

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

alright, so this is so cool!! an adorable friend of mine has put together a scrapbook retreat!!! i cant think of a better way to start off fall ~ which by the way is totally my favorite season as of the last few years,,,, its up in big bear and i stole a few photos from her blog, but you can go to this post for more pictures, and this post for pricing (closer to the bottom of the post). this girly girl is going to be cooking and catering to you like the queen that you are!!! it should be an amazing time,,,, i know that although there is a ton a space, spots are limited so reserve your spoty spot today,,, ill leave you with an inspiring message from laurens blog ~ p.s. dude ~ shes even gonna make your beds for you,,,, okay, here are her final thoughts ~ "I am so happy to be blessed with the use of such a beautiful home to have our scrapbook retreat. I know you will have the best time and you will be glad that you took the time for YOU. Remember, you are your family historian. Scrapbooking is a labor of love that you and your family will enjoy and appreciate for many years to come. Take the time and register today to spend the weekend working on your projects."


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

just a quick reminder of my next class at its about time ~ murrieta ~ *id pick you*
*id pick you* class sunday 10 august 1:00 ~ $40.00
if friends or family were flowers ~ *id pick you*. this is a playful, vintage inspired, cardboard mini book taught by yours truly. i used the ever so popular sassafrass "pocket full of posies" line that we all fell in love with!!! the owls in the little cutie seem to be the item of the last few years, proving to be popular in years to come,,, the buttons i used look as though i have "raided" my grammys button box and threw them into this creation. this album is too cute for words!!!
please bring with you to class ~ paper trimmer, stickels (clear or some sort), glue dots, paint brush, stapler, crop a dile, tape runner and diamond glaze

Sunday, July 27, 2008

dont hate me because im organized,,,,, haha,,,, okay, okay you got me ~ im not so organized, but i am super excited about these new tim hotlz tin organizers that i just hooked up!!! how pretty do my stickels look?!?!?! anyway, after two amazing classes back to back ~ needless to say, im pooped!!! i had a great time and thank you to pink pineapple and ever after!!!! i did go ahead and book my next two card classes at pink and stay tuned for those dates and samples ~ have i told you ~ I LOVE TEACHING CARD CLASSES!!!! mama likey so much!!!! alright, im soooo out,,,,,,
hey check me out ~ preparing for tomorrows class (aaaa,,,, err,,, i mean todays class) at the beach!!!! i was really sewing these babies on the sand today, i had to shoot a picture for proof ~ no one would believe me!!!!! a lil' piece of me action,,,
a little hand made love for tomorrows card class ~ cant wait to see you ladies there!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

so i had to create a bio for a little side project that im a part of ~ it took me a million years to come up with,,,,, but i thought i would share!!!!

Name: allyson serrato
Nickname: ally
City, State: valley center, cali ~ from temecula, cali
Occupation: mama, wifey, creator, artist, rock star (yes, in that order)
Family: hubby ~ ricardo, little man ~ daniel (3 years old), girl baby ~ sofia (2 years old)
Started Scrapbooking: spring 2006
Currently, what is your favorite scrapbooking brand or product category? good question ~ can i have a few??? good, okay thanks,,, i love, love, love hambly, sassafrass lass, american crafts (especially those thickers ~ can i have 'em all please??), love elsie, teresa collins, maya road and, and,, and,,,,,
The best brand of toothpaste: the brooke sheilds toothpaste ~ colgate whitening
PB&J or tuna? tuna?? ewww,,,,, totally pb&j, but i have to have strawberry jam
How do you like your eggs? over easy ~ please
How many pairs of jeans in your closet? ohh,,, probably 12 or 13 (??), actually there are more that i should get rid of, but i wear the 12 or 13 ~ man, i never stopped to count my jeans,,,,,,
The worst movie ever made: call me crazy but im not a big fan of billy maddison ~ the worst part about that movie is that everyone in the world ~ except me, thinks its a classic
Something that’s on your key ring (besides a key): car alarm and a very special *twin* star key chain a really amazing friend gave to me a really long time ago,,, its even engraved :)
A food item that you NEVER run out of: milk ~ for the kids and all the ingredients for a pb&j (my hubby is totally addicted) oh and coffee for me
Name a place you have visited that has changed you: hmm,,,, i would like to go big on this one ~ you know deep, but i havent been to a place that made me stop and think, all of our vacations have always been destination spots ~ you know fun, sun, sand, cool old buildings that kind of stuff,,,, maybe cancun 2002 ~ hubby popped the question there,,,, that kinda changed my life,,,,,
What trait do you most like in other people? sense of humor ~ no doubt, i looove to laugh and not be too serious,,,,
Something you’ve kept since childhood: baby book


Thursday, July 24, 2008

little tid~bits here and there,,, im back from my parents beach house they rented, i only slept there one night after all ~ yup all those goodies in the back of my yukon sure looked like i was going for a week ~ i had high hopes, but too, too much work siting in on my mind,,,, here are a few fun shots from the two *days* i was there,,,,, nothing tugs on my heart strings more than these two lovin on each other like this!!! i *loves*
me, my pops, my mom, my big brother and the baby brother ~ who isnt really a baby at all,,,,, oh yeah and sofia peaking her cute head in,,,,
anyway back to being busy,,,, i have two classes this weekend ~ it was three, but this one is going to be re-scheduled. i have my card class this sunday at pink pineapple at noon,,,, my supply list is below these two photos,,,,
please bring with you,,,,,
*photo tape* ~ *tape runner* ~ *stickels* ~ *glue dots* ~ *pop dots* ~ *scissors* ~ *paper
trimmer (maybe)*,,,,,, and that might be about it for that,,,,

i am also preparing for this class at ever after *saturday* ~ and check out how handsome my helper is,,,,
please bring with you,,,,

*tape runner* ~ *glue dots* ~ *photo tape* ~ *sanding block* ~ *scissors (or xacto knife)* ~ *paint brush* ~ *crop-a-dile* and i think thats about that,,,,,

moving right along, because we have had a few back to back days of fun in the sun ~ i felt it was okay for the kids and to chill at home all day today ~ it didnt last (we ended up leaving), but hey it was a good thought,,,, the kids covered me in spiderman stickers and i thought it was a good opportunity to snap a quick one ~ or two pieces of me,,,,,few ~ that was a long one!!!! anyway, i hope to see some of you an a class this weekend,,,, i hope everyone has a good night/morning/day/everything,,,,,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

im out!!!! just for a few days that is,,,, my parents rented a beach house and i figure if i was a good daughter, i would help them vacation,,,, right?!?!?! so if you email me ~ give me an extra couple of days to get back,,,, im so excited ~ peace out sucka ;) ;) !!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

hello out there in blog land ~ i neeeed very important information ~ does anyone in this world know if elsie has a summer 2008 cha release?!?!?! sad, sad, i know, but im dying to find out,,,,, anyone?,,, anyone??,,,, anyone????,,,,,, buler,,,,,, buler,,,,,,,, so this is what my work is lookin' like these days,,,,,,,
i have been getting kits ready and i have to admit im so proud of myself ~ im already getting ready for this classy class im teaching here ~ and its not even for two whole weeks!!!! and YES i still have room you you and a girlfriend or two,,, yeah ~ and side note ~ im going to hubbs high school reunion tomorrow!!!! i cant even believe its already been ten whole years!!!! my reunion isnt until septemeber, but its comin' comin' comin'!!!!! okay, mama totally need beauty sleep,,,,
~night ~ night ~

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i am beside myself with glee right now ~ im super tired ~ of course, but im so happy!!! i spent the day with hubbs in la finding fun notions, ribbons, rhinestones, and, and, and, and,,,,,, im so inspired by the shops i checked out up there today,,,, i love the feeling of being inspired ~ the only problem is that i want to create right now ~ but there is no way my body has much more left in in (not to mention ~ as i go back and proof read this, i really should leave the mistakes so you *get it* ~ im tiiiirrreeeddddd),,,,,,, im so excited about teaching and kitting ~ i dont know if anyone really truly understands how amazing this feels and how excited i really, really, really, really am!!!! my goal is ~ always has been ~ and always will be to bring something different to the table. i love to walk around scrap stores, office supply stores, craft stores and even target to see how i can use an item and incorporate it into a creation of mine. with that said, i know that my shopping day today in la was a huge success and i cant wait to share a *few* pictures of what i found and took home with me,,,,,, since i cant be in chicago ~ might as well give myself my own little cha ~ uh?!?!?
i cant even wait to go again!!!!
~night, night~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

suuppp ~ so i dont know if youre in on the latest buzzz ~ were talking scrapbook kits baby!! they are hot ~ hey, i have to admit i have even picked up one or two for myself!! sometimes its nice to have some no-brainer scrapbooking time ~ right?? first thing tomorrow mornin' im making a drop off at the post office to ship out some kits,,, if you likey one, please let me know,,,, with that said ~ how did i go on with out mentioning i am not officially doin' my share to help the environment!!! so, so stoked on my new ride,,, mama got a yukon hybrid and im in love!!! now i can wear my "trees are for hugging" t and not be a poser,,,,,it even has cute little symbols,,,,
other than that ~ i cant get over how amazing the new sassafrass lass is,,,, oh how i wish i were in chicago right now rubbing elbows with elsie and allison,,,,,,,,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

travel mini album class anyone?? anyone?? anyone????? so here she is, my latest and greatest creation using teresa collins amazing paper line that i just cant get enough of!!! i hope you likey,,,, this multi shaped, full to the brim, 13 page, mini album is perfect for any vacation photos you have ~ new or old!! the reds, blacks and white really are timeless. take some time for yourself and take a classy class ~ call pink pineapple to reserve your spot (760)598~2222. class is tuesday 5 august 4:30.

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