Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! i love halloween ~ so, so, so much!!!! we went to disneyland yesterday. i love disneyland so, so, so much!!!
alright, so are you kinda sick of my personal blog posts?? sorry, i have been completely wrapped up in my own life ~ to be completely honest, i *love* it and i *need* it. but come monday morning, i will be back on the teachin' scrappin' track once again. aside from the card class i have coming up at pink, i put a few dates on ever afters calendar for the holidays. im really excited!! oh, and i will continue to update my scrapbook journal, loves it. alright, im off to bates nut farm!! have a safe halloween!!!!
p.s. it is waaaaaay to hot to be halloween today ~ right?!?!?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

i miss him again already. illinois was beautiful. i think id like to go back. now.
my mom likes him better without the glasses, i like him better with them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

alright, so i know i had mentioned that i wanted to take my new elsie purchases with me on my trip to chicago, but i knew they werent going to be here in time?? well, between you and i, i kinda really, really, really, really thought that they would be here by today,,,,, they werent. i was so set on picturing myself carrying this bag on the air plane that contains one of the journals that i had purchased from her. bummer.
i have been working on my scrapbook journal. i loves it!!! i like the way its looking, but im trying not to *stress* over the way the pages look. my goal is *words* (or better yet emotions) and photos. all i want each page to contain is hambly, hambly, hambly, thickers and hambly rub ons. i just completed this one, kinda thinking about the trip i have coming up. i have never left my children, and gone someplace without them and or ricardo. should be interesting, i know im going to miss them.
notice the layout is pretty much just like the other one i posted?!?! its okay, i like it. im sure you will see it again. clean. simple. hambly. and another layout for my scrapbook journal. this photo also features my ever so trusty, amazing iphone. im in heaven!!! i love it!!!
this layout lays over the back side of the layout below, the music notes fit just perfect. like i said, the journal is moving right along. i wont ~ however be posting all of the layouts. im sure youll understand why,,,, ;-).
well, i will be back sunday night. peace out!!!!
dont mind my fresh from yoga look ~ oh and my new tattoo (???) its from a vending machine. not real, but it sure is pretty. maybe ill get one in chicago!!!
~miss me~

Monday, October 20, 2008

if i knew what was good for me ~ i would be cleaning my house ~ and not updating my blog. who really likes to do whats good for them?? just a really quick post,,,,
ever after now has a *few* of these kits in stock. take a day, and document every tid bit of it. 6:37 ~ coffee, 7:14 ~ breakfast etc,,,,, its a fun little project.

next. alright, so you got me ~ i am a bit over the top for the creations elsie comes up with. i cant help it. i just adore her child like love and look on life. here is painting of hers that i got about a month ago. still dont have the perfect spot for it. but i will. im really, really starting to think more and more about this thursday ~ when i head off the chicago. i wish my journal that i ordered {also from elsie} would be here on time, but i doubt it. i guess it hasnt even shipped yet,,,, bummer dude. speaking of journals, im thinking that i need to keep one. i have been thinking that, and since she came out with these, i knew it was time. i am very inspired as of late to pay more attention to myself and my feelings. sometimes *we* get so wrapped up in life, we forget to stop and think about what really matters. maybe daniels spill into the fireplace might have had something to do with these thoughts. who knows. maybe ill have more to say later...
but since my elsie journal isnt here yet, i thought i would start right away on a scrapbooking journal. because we all know mama loves taking pictures of herself, i might as well use those in a scrapbook, journal format. here is a layout i threw together really, really, really fast this morning. maybe you remember this same picture. i had it in my blog a little bit ago {cant find the link},,,,,
i love it. clean. simple. hambly. alright, i have taken up waaaay too much of my own time!!!~peace~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

what are you doing november 16th??,,,,say around 2:00?? you should take this card class. its here. its fun.graphic 45 paper is amazing!!! and it looks even better with a ton of glimmer mist and embossing powders. i promise.
so,,,, im leaving. yes, again. im going to chicago next week for my baby brothers graduation from the navy *boot camp*. im so excited, and proud!!! i got new head phones for the plane. im really excited about those too!!! remember i said that i like to take pictures of myself??? of course you do. i wanted to try out my new headphones and *of course* i had to take a picture of myself wearing them!!! they are so rad!!! i love em. they arent anything over the top, {from target} just rad, thats it.....
*even though i look angry* ~ im not,,,, promise,,,,, thats just my "im being serious face"

Friday, October 17, 2008

the dude is *rockin*. thank you to everyone that left love below, had a thought with us, or wished us well. thank you. kids are amazing uh?? the little man went to sea world with my mother in law, sofia and my brother in law. they had a blast. its like he never got hurt. i have to admit the girl that painted daniels face did a waaaayy better job than the chick at the wild animal park.... right?!?!?!
they are so cute!! i know, i know, spoken like a true mother!!!
so the night of the dudes big fall, elsie had a release on her etsy shop. so before he fell, and before we spent the evening in the emergency room, mama got some new goodies!!! this is one of the paintings hubbs got for me, ahem, yes, its an ORIGINAL!!!! so excited!!!i liked her because
one)she is red.
two)she is blonde.
three)i like her words.
four)i looove the tattoo!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

as much as i love the thought of having a blog full and happiness, wonderful, pleasant thoughts,,, sometimes life gets in the way, and, well reality kicks in. life isnt always happiness, wonder and pleasant thoughts. this is what happened ~ my little man thinks it pretty cool to run everywhere he goes. he has always been that way. i dont blame him, he is pretty ultra fast!! last night after i got him all cozy in his pjs and ready for bed, he took off towards the family room from our bedroom (running ~ of course) and he tripped and fell into the fireplace in our bedroom. i heard it, i didnt see it. i heard the horrible "bonk" followed by a loud scream. i ran (he must get his desire to run from his mama) ;-). when i picked him up off the floor, i knew that a typical kiss and a "its all better" wasnt going to work this time. not a chance. we actually had to call 911 and, well to make a long, sad story short, we were taken to the emergency room where daniel got about 11 stitches above the skin and im guessing right around the same amount under the meat (so gross, i know). we wanted to make sure that everything was okay ~ his neck, spine, skull so we asked the doctor what we should do to insure his safety. the doctor said that there was no need for a x-ray, that he could see straight through to daniels skull, and could tell it wasnt cracked or damaged. we got home late, late last night (actually early this morning) and i thanked God one million times. and ill do it again, "thank you God that stitches was as bad as it got." sorry if you have a weak stomach (like i do), but i had to put up some pictures. trust me, these are the *clean* ones. he was such a champ. im so proud of my little man. love you dude!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

keeping right up with my promise,,, here are a few pictures from the polka dot whimsy crop at pink pineapple. let me tell you, missy michelle hill knows how to throw a party!!! you might (or might not) know this about me. I DONT ATTEND CROPS!!! i dont. im not going to throw out my laundry list of reasons why, i just dont like them. that was the old me. by the end of the night, i was begging michelle to throw a quarterly anniversary party crop. oh yeah, p.s. you had me at vodka!!! oh and, before i forget, maybe youre wondering why i decided to attend this crop (??) i was invited by missy pj, and since she lives so far away and was going to be in my neck of the woods, i had to accept!! thanks girly for the invite!!! i was able to spend some fun time with my girly lauren. so there, enough of the intros,,,,,
i dont have any pictures of me scraping, this was a treat. i thought that i wanted to *play*. you know, no classes, just fun times scrapbooking. i cant remember the last time i did a 12X12 layout, and i knew i would need a little push. carrie is on the design team at pink and also is a teacher. an amazing teacher. i have to admit, she has got talent that i envy like crazy!!! so since i needed a little push in the 12X12 direction, i copied her sassafrass layout that is up in the store. the one with the white back ground (that im holding up above) is copied from her. that black back ground layout (down below) was what i came up with to put side by side in the album. and then i got the hambly layout done. yep, there for who knows how many hours and i got four layouts done. oh well, it was fun!!!
cheers ladies!!!
and here is my work,,, kinda fun. im trying to take my scrapbooking in a different direction. more towards *clusters* and *stuff*.
*open roads* title i owe completely to lauren. i suck at titles!!
alright, im out!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

as promised ~ the amazing photographer i spoke of,,, kacey. i dont need to go on and on and on about her amazing and unique sense of style that she puts into her photography, if you have eyes, you know. but i should mention that aside from her unique talent to capture the very best of moment, candid or not, she is one of the sweetest soles i have ever met. seriously. i first met her last year. she did some of our family pictures at ricardos familys ranch (the picture of the four of us on the right side is by kacey). anyway, as soon as i met her, i just knew that was it. our on and on and on and on going quest for the best photographer is over. here she is, straight from heaven!!! and again, let me stress to you, she isnt local. i didnt hire she because she was "in the area". i have been waiting and waiting for her to be back in our area for months. she lives in arizona, but is often enough in southern california. we had this session planned for months and months because i had to have her,,,,, anyway these are a few of the pictures she has posted on her blog, the rest of our shoot is here. last years shoot is here. and an amazing shoot of people that i dont know is here. this couple hired kacey to fly out to new york to take their engagement pictures,,,, im so happy,,,,,

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