Thursday, December 31, 2009

with all the ups and downs that 2009 has landed on my plate,,, this past year was a tad bit bitter sweet,,, thank God for my blog,,, as i took a glimpse back at the year, that, sadly, i dont have the fondest memories of,,, its nice to know that, well, it really *wasnt that bad*,,,, but i am embracing twenty ten like nobodies business,,, im ready, willing and beyond eager,,,, i almost didnt do one of these types of posts,, wanted 2009 to gracefully pass,,, without looking back,,, but, i gotta admit, im glad i did. again, it wasnt that bad. i guess.
funny to think,, before 2009,. i never have the courage to try out for a design team. glad i went for it. being on a design team was and is so much fun. so much fun that we went ahead and started our very own,,, twice. some of the design team experiences were better then others, some came and went, and some i still remain on. i likes. its perfect just the way it is right now. im content.
looking back,,, my favorite blog moments of two thousand and nine,,,,, sorry, there are more than i had expected,,,,
29 january,,,
18 february,,,,
5 march,,,,, that was short lived,,,, :-(
7 may,,, {mainly i just love that picture},,,,
27 may,,,,
16 august,,, {i know it was my birthday,,, but i looooooove blog comments ~ thank you},,,
anddddd the grand finale,,, 30 december,,, & 30 december,,,
here are some of my favorite layouts of 2009,,,,,
its fun to see the progress in my scrapbooking,,, i love doing 8 1/2 X 11 now,,, love. this past year, i gotta admit, i grew the most in my scrapping,,, im hoping to reach another rad goal this year. i will. i know it.
i liked doing this,,,, even thought my hand is killing me from moving this and that,,, typing,,, copy, paste,,, blah, blah,,,, thank you for reading my blog today,, and whenever you pop in,, every day, once a week,, here and there,,, it doesnt matter, i appreciate you,,, i hope you have an amazing new year,,,
love you, love allyson joy,,,,,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

its timeeeeee,,,,
the only question is what are you gonna check out first,,,,
check em all out,,, lemme know what you think,,,,
love you, love, ally

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

ahhhhh,,, finally,,, i can share the rad news that i now a nerd over at the nvs blog!!! rad things!!! go check it out,, such a rad blog with wicked ideas,,, love!!! one secret outta the way,,,,, more & more to come,,,, soon,,,, in the new year!!! maybe even as soon as 12:01 am!!! maybe,,,, ;-) stay close to me,,,,,,,,
p.s. ~ this isnt the secret,,, but it is a secret,,,,,, ;-)
love, ally

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

alright ~ i give up,,,, ive been trying for the last who knows how long,,, trying & trying to get my girlfriends christmas song she recorded with her hubby on my blog,,, and i give up. thats it. i wanted to make it easy for you to enjoy,,, but no dice. besides,,, im still learning my macbook action,,, so, i dont have a picture of her beautiful face, and i dont have easy access to her music,,, all i have is links,,,,
her amazing christmas song that {seriously} you gotta download
miss carrie, im more & more honored to call you my friend, youre talent runs river deep,,, like secret hidden valleys and stuff like that ;-) seriously, how could you bust out a sing like this and i was clueless to the voice you had,,, all this time,,,, love you miss carrie ~ so excited for you and this time in your life,,, love you!!!
merry christmas everybody,,, please enjoy this rocking song,,,,, and tell her how much you likey,,, right here,,,,
love, ally

Saturday, December 19, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELY!!!! oh my gosh ~ i love you sooooooooooo much!!! i cant go hallmark stilo,,, because ill make you shy,,, but im so glad were friends and i cant wait for this next year baby ~ its gonna be amazing!!! thank you for being such a great friend!!
love, ally

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

geeeeezzzz,, sick of that etsy post or what?!?! i know i am,,, well, yes, ive been busy,, but the good part is that in just a few short weeks,,, youll know why,, and exactly what weve been up too,,,,, another rad thing,,, mama got a new laptop!!! yep, yep, yep,,, so stoked!! i got a mac, so *hopefully* those computer problems i have like every other week,, out the door. lets hope. so, have you checked out the newest {and last for the rest of the year} pink ninja prompt?? this month was my pick or the ninja star action and i went with a great and close friend of mine,,, miss gloria. go figure she shoots it outta the park,,, she went with an elsie inspired prompt. rad. love. stoked. perfect. who, in their right mind doesnt *love elsie* so yeah, i love this one and our design team killed this it. everybodys rocked!!! its actually funny, because ive been working with a graphic design chicky up in la as of late and she doesnt know me more than the emails we exchange. for some reason, she started calling me *ally*cakes*. funny. i dont know if she is at all familiar with *the elsiecake*, but i found that entertaining non the less,,, hence the name of my layout,,, *ally*cakes*. dont worry, although i look like a total elsie rip off in this layout,,, im not going down that path. elsie does the very best at being elsie, i could never compete,,, {geezzzz i sound like a freaking weird-o},,, {and im trying not to go off on what i often see on the web about people imitating her and very obviously coping her ideas and trying to pass them off as their own,,, and to make money from these projects to boot},,, okay, okay, okay, ally,,,, ally,,, alllllllllyyyyyy,, focus. focus. im just a big fan of giving credit where credit is due. period. love ya, mean it. please tell me you hear me and you agree!!! okay, go play with the ninjas,,, its the last chance before the end of the year,,, oh ~ which reminds me, once our design team call closes {the 21st i believe}, we wll be shutting down the ninja blog {making it private} till january,,, gotta give it a little make over,,, annnnnddddd {geez,,, talk about making up for lost posting time huh??} if youre interested in a sponsor spot for the pink ninja ~ email us, we can give you all the nitty gritty,,, thepinkninjas {at} aol {dot} com. its such a great way to promote your business. and im talking about sponsoring a spot on the blog,,, not a prompt. okay. :-) alright, im out,,, love ya!!! heres *ally*cakes*

love, ally

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i added two kits to my teeny etsy shop ~ i think theyre pretty cute,,, :-) enjoy today,,,
love, allyson joy

Thursday, December 3, 2009

amy ~ i sooooo havent forgotten your blog award {thanks again} just trying to let time pass, so its not totally the same answers, {like, say for example, im wearing that same long sleeve blue t~shit,,, its kinda a staple} ;-)
here is the newest prompt over at the pink ninja. and this go around,,, torendi is sponsoring the prompt. i have to admit, im sick to death of looking at layouts of myself,,, i really should prove to you that im not that selfish of a scrapper,,, i do scrap my kiddos. a lot. but i do their pages just to do them, not for any prompt of anything,,, anyway, what im trying to say is this, im really not that vain!!! heres my *kawaii* prompted layout ~ *create* love, ally i have secrets

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