Tuesday, March 31, 2009

having a week as busy as my last two have been i havent busted out my sketches for 52 sketches 52 weeks. well, i have busted out *mine*,,, that ill share as soon as im allowed,, for now they under the radar *ninja status*,, but i like to pay along every week no matter what. here is sketch 12 and sketch 13. i encourage you to pay along ~ this challenge blog is amazing for getting your layouts done!!! cranking those babies right out!!! go play along,, i will work on these, maybe today,,, hmmm,,,


Monday, March 30, 2009

tuesday ~ medevil times wednesday ~ disneyland
thursday ~ tattoooooooo,,,,,, :-D
friday ~ girly girls at the pink
saturday ~ hung with the fam,,, hey dont judge ~ demi moore smoke cigars toooooo!! :-D
sunday ~ :-(
keep my baby brother in your prayers,,, he is off to korea,,,,
our time flew by,,,,, so hopefully this next year will as well and i can hang with him again,,,,,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

stoked. so i really wanted to get a inner wrist tattoo ~ and i really, really wanted it to be in elsies handwriting,,,, i was totally inspired when i saw this tattoo. i had wanted *create* on my inner wrist once elanie mentioned that she had one {hey ~ sometimes if i hear a great idea ~ i have to join in ~ cant help it ~ its true}. i warned her. :-D so me trying *not* to be a total copy cat, i asked elsie is she wouldnt mind writing a new word for me. you know so i could kinda be a little original,,, i loved the idea of having the word *dream* tatted on my inner wrist,,, but i still really wanted *create*. im so excited that elsie took the time to write this and post it on her flickr, but i had to have *create*. i just had to. thanks for the inspiration chicks!!!!!i soooo pleased. i love it like crazy!!!!
i love you elsie :-D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

finally!!!! im back posting from my laptop!!! thank youuuuuu!! i have fun goodies to share,,, i dont even know where to begin,,, it just feels so good to have my trustie laptop right here,,,, i am very proud of some famous friends on mine,,,,, carrie was the lucky winner of the sassafrass lass blinkie give away and they went ahead and featured all her amazing work that shes done with sassafrass. im taking this class of hers and its gonna be so fun!!!! CONGRATS CARRIE!!!! :-D
then there is jessica ~ she was also featured on a blog yesterday. american crafts. because of this amazing tattoo,,, i saw it yesterday and its even better in person!!! so yeah. i pretty much have the coolest friends in the whole wide world!!! :-D
oh ~ i got a new tattooooooo!!!!!!!!!
i have so much fun stuff to share,,, ill share over the next few days,,, :-D
~*~*~oh i wanted to add this ~ if sorry if i havent gotten back to *you* in regards to anything,,, not having my laptop has been tough,,, but im back now and ready to participate in full swing in the internet world!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

totally random ~ totally not scrapbook related,,, but rad none the less,,,, we got a hybrid yukon this past summer, you know when gas was like one million dollars for a half a gallon?? yeah,,, anyway, so we thought it would be a great idea to save on some gas considering that i live out in the middle of nowhere,,, not to mention im all in on being eco~friendly and all that jazz,,, i love it,,, anyway, so, we bite the bullet ~ go hybrid ~ what happens?? gas drops from one million dollars a half a gallon to fifty cent for four gallons ~ nice. sweet. rad people thinks its still cool to remind me about eight months ago when i was justifying this car,,, "oh no biggie, the amount i drive it will pay for itself",,, yeah. whatever. anyway, the other day i was driving,,, looked down at my gas gage,, you gotta be kidding me ~ i re-set my gas mileage thingie every time i re-fuel. promise. you see this right baby!!!!total *running* trip ~ 148.4 miles,,, notice the gas gage??? dude, tell me im not getting my moneys worth,,, liar!!!! i love this car,,, did i mention its a yukon ~ big ol car!!! go get yer self a hybrid ~ its so rad to be earthy and stuff :-D
p.s. *no* my gas gage isnt broken. promise. :-D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dr. Seuss:
A person's a person, no matter how small.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

last weekend ~ well, actually not last weekend,,, but last, last weekend,, you know the weekend of the fourteenth?? anyway,,, i participated in the annual chairty event for scrapbook royalty at the boys and girls club in san marcos. as always ~ it was a blast!!! i got to kick it with some of my fav peps ~ jessica ~ krystie ~ gloria ~ toni ~ teri ~ good times!!!! here are a few pictures!!!
dude ~ krystie can cut a *mean* rug in her tutu!!! her dance moves were outta this world!!!! :-)so, you since i was the fairy god~mama {or something like that} i *helped* ~ didnt i k?? ;-D alright, alright so i guess i kinda sucked at being a fairy god~mama,,, sorryyyyy,,, :-D i knew i had to make up for my lack of being totally awesome and stuff so we did,,, we delivered waters matra gras ~ float at homecoming style,,,, totally rad!!! we took turns pulling each other on this card throwing waters at anybody and everybody that wanted some!!!! we even got a little flashy~flash action!!! i love krystie!!!!
this is so fun!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my next few days are gonna be filled with a lot of hanging out with this cute * little * baby * brother * sailor * dude of mine,,, glad he is here,,,,, :-D

Monday, March 23, 2009

class ~ class ~ class ~here are peeks of my next two classes that im teaching at the one~and ~only PINK PINEAPPLE. continuing along with the *get er done* series which seems to be picking up more and more each month {thank you} i introduce to a little favorite on mine,,, *three little birds*,,, inspired by bob marleys song,,,, i love this layout {am i allowed to say that????} ;-D in april i will be teaching both my card class and the layout class the same day ~ 26th of april. layout class is at 3:30 and the card class is at 1:00. take note ~ typically my card classes are at 2:00 so we are switching it up this month due to easter. and here is my card class ~ again ~ 26th of april @ 1:00
hopefully ill be seeing you at either ~ or better yet BOTH classes!!!! oh ~ here is their phone number 760~598~2222 :-D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

being a part of the 52 sketches 52 weeks design team is an amazing feeling ~ so happy!!!! just wanted to say that,,, here is sketch number eleven,,, followed by my take *vegas*. have you joined in yet?? do it!!! its fun!!!!,,,,, i hope youre having a great dayyyyy! :-D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

tah~dah!!!!! here is my take on the glorious pink challenge,,, the challenge is to use three different paper {lines} in your layout ~ *and* the layout must include greeeeen!!! you know because march isa a green month!!! i used doodle bug ~ bella blvd ~ pink paislee and ki memories {you know, because im a oner-upper} heee,,, you should totally play along,, if you dont live in the area you can still submit your layout via email or blog!!! oh yeah ~ my title *ally~g {kinda like kenny~g}*!!! silly us!!!take care!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

im dying right about now,,, you know how i have mentioned several times that my laptop is sick??? well, it still is,,, seriously,,, *actually* i have to admit this i at least found out it isnt *sick* but just ran out of memory,,, {kinda sounds like *my* problem,,, outta memory},,, :-D anyway, cranking out layouts from the 52 sketches 52 weeks site,,, love ~ love ~ love!!! *birthday monkey* is inspired by sketch number ten,,, i used lots of sassafrass lass in this baby!!! love!!!i soooo badly want my laptop back ~ i have completed the latest sketch {number eleven} and i cant share!!! now this computer at the office isnt working with me,,, thankfully i had a few images already saved in this computer other wise i would not be posting anything inspiring!!! i have fun pictures from the charity crop i attended last weekend ~ scrapping at starbucks ~ my next months card class ~ *three little birds* layout class ~ glorious pink challenge ~ geeezzzz,,, this is killing meeeeee!!! alright ~ im done,,, have any questions for me yet???

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my friend is cooler than your friend,,,,, check it,,,,

rockin the american crafts new rub on before they hit the stores!!! jessica youre soooooo my idol!!


a new challenge is up at punk rock scrappers,,, how are you unlucky?? me?? one word ~ vegas,,, just cant seem to find my luck there,,, alright, alright so im not totally hard core,, i probably lost less than a hundy ~ but still,,,, anyway, at least i was able to birth this rad layout ~ yes?? go play,,,, :-D oh and i used my dozens kit {yes ~ again}play ~ play ~ play ~ play ~ play ~ do it!!!! :-D
~*~*~side note~*~*~ so i got a comment yesterday asking me about where i store my layouts,,, fun!!! im gonna address that,, ill have to take pictures and do a post on the in itself,,, buttttt,,,, it kinda gave me the courage to start a little q&a session,,, maybe you wanna know something, i know i can gab about any and everything,,, but maybe *you* wanna know something that i havent mentioned yet,,, just a thought. i love doing those surveys that a lot of people hate getting in their email inbox. anyway,,, if you wanna ask a question ~ ask away,,, leave a comment or email me {xoxoallyserrato@aol.com},,, ill do answer these some time next week,,, good??? fun?? i think so!!! thanks!!!

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