Saturday, June 28, 2008

hey ~ what the heck?!? where have you been?? (kinda funny right??) sorry, my internet is playing tricks on my again ~ but it could be worse, it could have flown completely off the handle bars (ahhh country livin') ~ anyway,,,, yeah so this class was "so last week", but you know me, i always like to post a few class photos, especially the second one ~ its so stinkin' cute!!! *thank you ladies for being sooo amazing*,,,,, which reminds me, these kits will be available in the store probably next month sometime ~ ill keep you posted,,,,here are a few photos of a completed album by the pretty, pretty jessica ~ thanks for sharing them with me girly!!! i *love* seeing completed classes all put together....
daniel picked these for me in our front yard and i had to share ~ arent they pretty??? i always *try* to take pictures of the flowers he picks for me so that they last forever!!!
ive just been doing a little creating ~ and preparing for class this weekend at pink pineapple. i *so* appreciate all of you amazing peps that take the time to take my class ~ makes me so happy!!!so the last few days, i have actually been trying to slow myself down,,, take a little breather ~ it feels good ~ really good!!! i bought my kids a blow up pool and the last few days we have been playing, playing, playing in it!!! its so nice. i really, really needed a little break!!! i took the opportunity to snap a little pieces or me while playing lifeguard in the kiddie pool.
alright, ive got some creating and preparing to do,,,

Sunday, June 22, 2008

yes ~ im not too late!!! i have the friend, i love her like a sissy, she is so sweet, chill, understanding, beautiful, determined, hard working, easy going, caring, a good listener and the list goes on,,, today is her birthday ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLY ~ LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! i cant wait to see you again!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

yeah, so i dont know if you know this about me, but i have all the time in the world to play, create, sing, dance ~ oh yeah and be a over the top, amazing mom!! haha ~ right,,, i have to admit, since i now teach myself, i hadnt taken a class just for me!! the main reason being that the class that i might want to sit in on is usually on the same day as a class im teachin ~ but at another store,,, anyway, i was so excited to be a part of missy allison krefts ~ you know hambly class today at ever after. even as exciting, i took the class with mrs casey rivas ~ so, so much fun!! i spent the day with two amazing artists!! i told casey i wanna be like her when i grow up because she is so ~ so talented!! so much of what i add to classes has been inspired by her work,,, oh yeah, and i have to admit, i feel like the biggest dork that im even making such a big deal about this, but whatta ya gonna do?!?!?so, back to that whole "i have a ton of time thing" ~ it was a joke,,, gotta run to prep for class tomorrow!!!
p.s. i want a new apron ~ dont you think its time too?!?!?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

alright ~ so here is the deal, i stole a ton of buttons from my grandma and i decided to throw all of them in my next class kits!!! im teaching *id pick you* at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta sunday, 13 july at 1:00... here is a concept, lets have a class thats fun and sorta easy and chill,,, i used a few fun techniques, but mostly lots of buttons and rhinestones.

i hope you likey!!!


Monday, June 16, 2008

hi ~ i cant believe im actually finally typing right now ~ you see i always upload my photos before i do a blog post, and i swear each photo rejected at least three or four time each!!! being that i am more stubborn than my computer, i refused to give up!!!! ahh,,,, although i am still at the mercy of my computer because it still can erase this post ~ (please dont be mean to me computer)..... alright, i have my samples for my card class that i am teaching at pink pineapple ready. card class is 27 july 2008 ~ 12:00. we will be making six all occasions cards using different making memories paper lines. be ready to play with the fun new elements by doodle bug ~ the flocking powder and the glitter. i hope to see your face,,,,, a lil' pieces of me action,,,, hubbs got me some new shades yesterday ~ yeah, fathers day!! he is so sweet!! i love 'em so much i had to take some shots of 'em and tell the world how much i love these babies!!! i wanted to share a few pieces of my scrap room that make me happy,,,,,,
i kinda got a skull theme working,,,, the little skulls with the tutus are from elsies etsy ~ too cute for words. *loves it* alright, thats that for now,,,,,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my hubbs and my pops!!! i love you guys,,, lots!!!
so my dad ~ the ham wanted me to take these pictures using daniles "S" sticker (my mom got for him to adhere to any of his t shirt), and his blankie for props. here are the results,,,,
i think the second photo is a pose he had always had in mind!! the best part is that i had printed up 4X6's of these two photos and gave them to my dad. after a good laugh he handed them back to me. i told him that i printed extras, thinking he might want copies himself. he straight up told me "i dont want these, i want them bigger."!! yup, so for fathers day, guess what my pops got?!?! 10X13 framed photos of himself, just as you see him here!!! good, good stuff right here. *side note* i totally wanted to do a mothers day post, but didnt for two reasons ~ one being that my mom doesnt like to take pictures (unlike my pops), so i dont have one,,, second is that my internet wasnt around those days, so my posting was few and far between, but it isnt because i dont think my mom is equally as great as my dad ~ they both rock!!!! maybe ill do a late mothers day post just for her,,,, hmmm,,,,,,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i cant believe it ~ my lil' brother graduated from high school yesterday!!! hes all growed up now!!! haha,,, yeah right!! as i was sitting there yesterday, watching my little brother go through exactly what i went through exactly ten years ago, i couldnt help be reflect on that day i sat in that very same football field, patiently waiting for the beach ball to bounce over my way. yeah, that was pretty much all i had on my mind as speech after speech ran over the loud speaker. at the moment, it seems as thought that is the biggest and greatest time of your lives, now looking back ~ was it a big deal?? of course ~ BUT its crazy how really and truly, their lives are just beginning. welcome to the real world little brother!!!daniel *loves* to pick me flowers, i know i said that before, but i still get as kick out of it!!! he picked me three as we walked back to the car after the graduation ceremony. by the tim i could snap a shot about a half a hour later, they were almost gonners, but i dont care, i still think he is the sweetest little boy. so, with that, here is a little pieces of me action working....... oh yeah, and check out what i was finally able to get my hands on!! go figure, i try to get it at barnes and noble, but didnt succeed, i got it at jo anns. so excited to add another elise something or another to my collection!!!and how was i supposed to resist not posting this picture!!! my little man rocking a bob marley t shirt?!?! so rad ~ life is good!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

just wanted to give you a lil' taste as to what my card class will be lookin' like,,, plan on sunday 27 july 12:00 ~ noon, pink pineapple okay, thats it, bye,,,,

Monday, June 9, 2008

heeeyyy,,,, i hope everyone had a fun weekend!! i did, thanks for asking!! so ~ as of around 3:00 today, ever after now has my *be happy* class sample up and ready for your eyeballs. im so excited about this too ~ ever after has some kits for sell!!! they come with every ~ EVERYthing that you need (well, not staples, but everything else!!). i have full 4X6 color photos included in the kits and i also offer my email if you should have any questions. im hoping to add to my busy life and continue to work with camille and sell kits there ~ or anywhere for that matter!! ;) let me know if youre also interested,,,,, the first kit we are putting up for sell is the 1000 words mini i have taught. the class went really well, so we thought that we would offer some kits to sell. keep in mind that all of the paper that comes in these kits is double sided, so you can totally buy two kits using each side of the album to expand your lil' guy. just a thought,,,,this is so funny!!! like my shoes?!?! alright so before you think i am a total freak ~ NO ~ i did not teach wearing these shoes, but if you took my class this past sunday at its about time, you totally get it,,, right ladies?!?! yep and thats about all im going to comment about this photo, i just still think this story is funny and i just could not resist!!!
bummer ~ i totally thought i was tan,,,, guess im not as tan as i thought,,,,, anyway here are a few shots from class ~ good times!!! yeah, and i swear more peps signed up ~ turned out to be a few kits,,,, **(side note to make me feel better)**
typical mel!! *xoxo* alright and a lil' pieces of my with my apron action working. i loooove aprons!!! they are the bestest thingie ever ~ alright not the total "bestes thingie" ever, but close to it,,,,, my toes match!!

alright ~ im outtie,,,,,


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

just a lil' sneaky peaky at my next acrylic mini album class at ever after. class 22 june 1:00 fun stuff!!! i hope you likey!!



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