Thursday, September 30, 2010

i played!!!! i used the newest addiction from pink ninja addicts to create this fun layout from a wedding we went to over summer,,,, i used *she wolf* and the add on kit, *venice queen*,,, here is *masnica after party*,,, im happy with it,,, but it was so easy because the october kit is wicked!!! love it!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my picks this week for betsey johnson wish i could add it to my closet but will never be able to afford so instead i pretend to shop with you by my side collection,,,
this is insane how freaking cute it is!!! i la~la~la~love it!!!! yes, please?? pretty please?? big, huge *SIGH*,,,, i really, really want this number,,,
and i love this, but even better, my kids would love it if i rocked this. they alone motivate me to shop with my better half in mind, my child side that i still cant seem to find the desire or the need to shake off,,, and i would totally rock it to the zoo, or wild animal park that we visit oh so often,,,
i loved the dress, i love tattoos, so of course i adore the tee,,,
and if the dress wont work, i can always go with the tee shirt option,,, equally as cute,,,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

if you follow me on tumblr, {which i highly doubt,,, last time i checked, i had, like, dose followers {thats spanish for two, by the way},, you would know that i updated my etsy shop with adorable hair goodies,,, yeah, finally huh?? ive only been talking about it for ages huh?? well, it was about time,,, and dont be shy, follow me on tumblr, you might be in the *know* on goodies before others,,, tempted??

Monday, September 27, 2010

you might have caught these adorable buns over at the pink ninja addicts blog,,, but in case you havent,,, here is my girl baby, her rocking shorts and adorable butt!!! love her,,, love this picture,,, i used the september addiction *butterfly*,,, its so rad,, amazing colors,,, here is *hawaiian buns*,,,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

browsing etsy never bores me,,, and usually costs me a dime or two,,, here are my recent favs,,,
*real women drink beer* ~ ahem,,, guilty!!!
well, hello there *adorable pink ninja keychain*,,, i think i might need you one day,,,
i might be the oldest and biggest game boy fan youd ever meet,,, i la, la, love game boy!!!! so, this, is perfection, game boy meets iphone,,, rad,,,
brass knuckles in pink?? can i get a heck yeah!?!?! love,,,
i love that they self proclaim these as *dorky* unicorn shoes,,, so fun!! ive always been a fan of em and sprout and purchased many a fun goodies from them,,,
okay, work with me for one second,,, pretend im skinny bones jones, uh, yeah, id totally rock this vintage barbie bathing suit for halloween,,, or anywhere for that matter,,, isnt it amazing!?!? and the model is so hot and rocks this baby like nobodys business!!!
and my cute and teeny tiny shop has one set of the tapes left,,, maybe ill upload some photos today and sell some of my hair goodies,,, maybe,,,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i spent the first day of fall with this adorable face,,,
we went to bates nut farm and ate a pic-nic lunch,,, read a few books, fed the goats & sheep together, shopped and read a few more books. it.was.perfect. i love having dates with her. and i love, love, love fall,,, the weather has been perfect *welcome to fall* weather. im in heaven, big time.
itll warm up in the next few days,,, perfect to spend some time at the beach before we bid adue to summer,,, and im so, so excited for halloween coming up,,, i love halloween goodies oh so much!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day dreaming over betsey johnson last wednesday was so fun, i wanna do it again,,, sound fun?? im gonna go jewelry this time around,,, i love her jewelry!!!
starting with these earrings that remind me of my girlfriend carrie. she has some like this that look amazing on her with her dark red hair and crystal blue eyes,,, totally beautiful,,, and the matching necklace {below} is equally pretty,,,
its so pretty and girly ~ love this bracelet,,, reminds me of my girl baby,,,
whoa ~ with, like the perfect simple black dress {or brown},,, this necklace doesnt need a whole lot to go with,,, i loves,,,
and lastly, i need this,,, its perfect. sofia loves giraffes, and when she was a baby, we called her froggie because she had the cutest frog legs in the whole wide world,,, i need,,,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

man, what a lucky chick i am,,, you ladies came from all over the US to help create an amazing birthday album for me,,, thank you. thank you so much!!!! nely, thank you for putting this all together for me,,, finally, i get to share what i got!!! starting with a couple adorable love notes that came with these beautiful layouts!!! thank you ~ thank you ~ THANK YOU!!!! you all rock!!!
sweet leigh
my dear carrie
ninja mo
ninja christina
lovely gina
chula val
miss ninja heidi
ella, bella, kris
my very best bestie, nely
thank you all sooooo much for helping me celebrate my thirtieth, no matter where you come from, you all contributed and made my birthday one to remember and for the record books. im so truly blessed to have crossed paths with each and every one of you,,, thank you!!! and nely, youre the very best friend in the whole wide world, thank you for hosting this for me and giving me an adorable album to put it all in, you know, because each album *has* to *go* together,, thanks for knowing me so well,,, all of you, thank you for knowing me so well!!! im one lucky lady,,,
oh yeah, nely, i miss you a lot, a lot,,, tap~tap~tap on my inner elbow,,, its been almost a week,,, im dying,,, ive never had a friend like you ~ youre the very, very best!!!!

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