Friday, April 30, 2010

lollipop, lollipop, oh lollipop, lollipop,,, yip~pee!!! here i go!!! i am one of the newest members,, ahem, lollipop girls, of the candy shoppe designs,,, oh snap,, so stoked!!! ive love this challenge blog for ever and lynnette,, who runs it, well, shes perfection. love her, love this blog. so excited to be a part of it!!! oh ~ my name, you might ask?? well, i be the *sour patch chick*,,, love it!!! heres my shot,,,
and you gotta see what my girl baby pulled off while i was taking my lollipop girl photos,, shes fun. check it here,,,
alrighty,,, im tired,,, but excited, but tired, but excited,,, night,,,
love, ally

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

welcome ~ welcome!!! if this is your first time stopping by, welcome, and thank you!!! if its not your first time, thank you for visiting me again!!! be sure to list yourself a follower if you plan on entering yourself for the give away,,,
how cool is this?? our very first blog hop for pink ninja addicts!!! im stoked, and even more excited that our ninja star in the spotlight, michelle clement is playing along!!! her creations with the *accidently kelly street* are wicked. im still in awe,,,
anddddddd,,, were doing a give away!!! im so happy right now!!! love this!!! so, ninja star carrie created these two precious babies. i love em!! i cant wait for her to open her etsy shop so i can buy one too!!! they come with names and birth certificates!!! uhhh, yeah, so stinkin cute eh?? she used the *accidently kelly street* kit to created these,,,,
and yeah, you guessed it, we are giving away an *accidently kelly street* kit!!!! this is so exciting!! weve havent hosted our own give away ever!!!
you gotta make sure to check out all the blogs on the list, and hop, hop, hop along,,, leave some love everywhere you go and list yourself as a followers on the pink ninja chicks blogs as well as the addicts blog.
here is my precious little creation i made this past weekend using the *accidently kelly street* kit and the add on kit *the world is new*. its a photo of my mom, her twin brother and her first perm!! she informed the other day it was called the *tony* :-). im loving scrapping older photos right now. i love it!!! so this layout is simply titled *1954*
thanks so much for hopping on by,,,, here are the rules to be entered in the give away,,, you can win either of those owls, or the *accidently kelly street* kit.
*you gotta be a follower of the addicts blog
*you gotta be a follower of all the pink ninja addicts {carrie, nely and myself ~ gloria doesnt list followers, but you still have to visit ;-) },,,
*you gotta talk about this blog hop and give away on your own personal blog
*you gotta leave a comment on the addicts blog, under the blog hop post, that way we know to add your name!!!!
and thats that!!! hop along you little cutie,,,,
here is your list,,,,
*ninja in the spotlight ~ michelle clement
*ninja master nely
*ninja master ally {youre already here ~ thanks)
*ninja star gloria
*ninja star carrie
love youuuuuuuu,,, love, ally

Saturday, April 24, 2010

if you could live in a world and only shop one place ~ where would you choose?? me?? etsy. no furthers questions,,,, i wanted to share with you some treasures. my very, very favorite shop on etsy is this one,,, by like, a lot,,, but of course it is,,, ;-) and to be completely honest, if you have ever dreamt of picking up this kit,,
the one elsie, first designed with,,, honestly, we only have two left. honest. and i think after i make this post, im thinking they might move, so if you wanted it, come and get it,,,
moving right along,,,,
i want everything from etsy,,, but these are my current favs,,, and some, i might have shared before,, but, like forever ago,,, so i can share again, yes?? okay, cool,,, here i go,,,
i want this. its perfection with a capital *P*,,, no?? *siighhhhhhh*,,,
i love this little shop,,, and i think this wallet is so rad,,, great prices too,,,
im sure sharing skunkboy creatures with you is no *hey, look at this new shop i found* action,, but none the less, i love monty. my bestie is lucky enough to have three skunkboy creatures!! three!!! man,,, lucky, lucky lady,,,
love these pouches. love mushrooms. love all of em,,, i have a thing for pouches,,
there is nothing more to say about this little train case other than, i want, and i think i need,,,
love alice in wonderland. this is awesome, smart, easy and cheap enough to purchase,,,
these guys make me so happy. really, really happy. i love them, they look so sweet and innocent,,, like theyre just waiting to do their job,,, waiting for the pirate to weigh anchor,,, or is it lay anchor?? dunno,,, cute. right??
i think ive shared these before,, but totally worth sharing again,,, loves.
i think if i wore this the dude would think im the coolest mama in the entire world. might be worth it to throw it in my etsy shopping cart,,, huh?? what mama doesnt wanna be to coolest in the eyes of her main man??
and there you go,,, happy shopping,,,
love, ally

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

everybody else is doing it, why cant i?? {cranberries} seen this baby floating around our blog world?? thanks for visiting me today,,, :-)

1. Favorite hobby?

2. Favorite tv show?
american idol {even though this season sucks,,, mostly}
and the king of queens is a new *thank you best friend never knew this show existed* situation,,, love that show!!

3. Favorite restaurant food?
hmmmm,,, pizza,,,

4. Favorite thing to shop for?
stuff to create these,,, for myself or for you addicts,,, ;-)

5. Favorite animal?
6. Favorite song?

at the moment this one and i loooooove this one

7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video?
im not a big you tuber,,, but my husband introduced me to this one,, pretty, funny,,, but then again, it was around christmas time,,, so yeah, not a lot to compare to,,,

9. Favorite movie?
10. Favorite childhood memory?
so of course i have a ton, am i gonna list em all?? nope. but when i read this questions, the very first memory that came to mind was when my mom picked me up from pre school back in the day, and surprised me with a cabbage patch kid. just because. i love that memory {thanks mom},,, {xoxo}

i like these things,,,
love, ally

Monday, April 19, 2010

one night we, the pink ninja addicts got together at mi casa and scrapped,, {well, we were missing one, so it wasnt a complete team,, but you know what i mean},,, we were working on the *carousel* kit,,, and carrie created this beauty,,, i tried and i tried to not think of how amazing that layout was when i continued to play with my own kit, and finally gave up on trying to push this amazing layout outta my head,,, i didnt wanna copy cat,,, even though carrie is rad, understands that inspiration comes from here and there and i know she would never accuse me of snaking idea or so, but still,,, im a big fan of giving credit where credit is due,,, and not to proud to do so either,,, ;-) so carrie, again, thank you for always inspiring me like crazy,,, i love everything you do, it all turns into magic,, so thank you,,, and with that, i guess the only part i copied was the darker page in the back ground and the same plaid paper,,, but again, giving credit where its due,,, its all her,,,
here is *love her*,,, my sweeet ballerina on her first day of dance, staring at the studio,,, taking it all in,,,
in other news,,, i jumped on the spring board bang wagon,,, love it,,, there is also a quickie link in the left side of my blog,,, and because ive been sorta good about updating my twitter,,, i thought i deserved another silly fun site that i get to answers questions and have fun,,, i am the girl, after all, that does those fun emails *what color shoes were you wearing three nights ago*,,, i like answering questions,,, so,, give it to me,,,
love, ally

Sunday, April 18, 2010

HAPPY PINK NINJA MONDAY!!!!! alright, im a tad bit early,,, but thats okay,,, yes??
this was a ton of fun,,, wanna overdose?? i used tid bits from almost every kit weve put out there,,, and maybe even a bit or so belongs to a kit thatll be out in the future,,, {hint, hint},,, and i blended them together and created this layout,,, here is *perfection*,,,
also, check out the cool addicts update here,,,,
love, ally

Thursday, April 15, 2010

love this kit,,, look,,, its a total boy page,,, made with this kit,,, rad, right?? i tried really hard not to totally copy cat miss carrie with those clusters of pearls and crystals that come in the kit,,, but just in case it does look the same,,, carrie did do it first,,, ;-) i used the *accidently kelly street* kit for this baby,,, here is *earth boy*,,, {i know, i know classy title eh?? what can i say im gifted when it comes to wicked titles,,,} ;-) hardy, har, harrr,,,
love, ally

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