Sunday, October 24, 2010

im losing followers,,, {oh no,,, come back}!!! {sad, sad, sad face} man,, what a bummer. well, that sucks, so right now i need to share with you something fun and happy. like getting married. i have always dreamt about getting married in vegas. yep. true story. my first wedding {meaning my only wedding} was a biggie, like five hundred people or something like that. crazy. but it was perfection, a nice catholic ceremony and a great big reception. that why it only fits to have my next wedding in vegas. yes, im still married to my husband, but a girl can dream about her fun, crazy, classy and sorta naughty vegas ceremony, right?? maybe for our ten year. well see, for one thing, elvis as the priest is a must!!!
if we had a wedding cake,,,, these would belong on the very top.
if anybody knew about it,,, they would find out from this invite. isnt it amazing?? although, id try to request more fuchsia on it. it only makes sense.
the boutonniere,,, love.
these amazing personalized rings,,,
would be attached to this ring pillow. id probably have elvis hold the pillow up front, or something,,,
there is a two way tie for the dress,,, this one. and this one. either length i choose, i would have a fuchsia sash instead of what the model is rocking.
the hair?? loose, down, soft. but for sure, this would be a part of it.
this bouquet is the total inspiration for the entire wedding. isnt it amazing?? like, really, really amazing?? i love it oh so much!!!
and since its vegas, yes. ill totally be rocking these. its a total must. agreed??
and a little something, something to slip into in the morning,, or evening,,, or whatever. just perfect.
,,,and if i could re-do the regristry,,, totally.
to the followers i still have, thank you, for not leaving me. i appreciate it. a lot.

Friday, October 22, 2010

because i know i come across as a lover of all things bright, fun and cheerful, it might come as a shock to you that i love dark and almost {i said *almost*} goth inspired photos. i dont dress that way, although, you are more then likely to find me in head to toe black, im not making a statement, im sticking with the *black is slimming* effect, still, i love these looks. its fun. different then what im used to. and i like that. its explains why i love tim burton oh so much. hes dark but his imagination is so child like. his colors are dark, and bright at the same time. his brain must be so much fun to live in. dont you agree?? love him. love his work. but this isnt about tim burton, just a post, for halloween month {because being dark isnt as unusual this month, although i sometimes just feel dark, do you ever??} ~ getting back on track, again.
again, i loved these images from we heart it. and so i wanted to share,,, enjoy,,,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i love october and i love betsey johnson ~ how perfect to combine the two. halloween and miss betsey. she did just that,,, and here are my favorite jewelry items,,,
a betsey jack-o-lantern necklace?? yes, please. pretty please.
these earrings with the bats and hearts are precious,,, i love how she always does earrings at two different lengths,,, i used to rock that look forever ago,,, maybe we all did??
i love skulls,,, always have. i have a betsey necklace similar to this beauty, so of course, i love this one as well. mine has more black on it though,,, still, theyre both cute. are fun for halloween,,, although i wear mine year round, wore it to a wedding over the summer. ;-)
more fun un-even length earrings, but with spiders. i love that one is going up and one is heading down,,, fun!!

represents all of the fun items i have fallen in love with. its got the spiders, spider webs, skulls, hearts,,, flowers,,, black!! i love black so much!! and i love bracelets toooooo,,,
so pretty. a black tulip necklace, just for october?? nah,,, another year round piece if you ask me,,,
and finally,,,, this bulky black rose with raven necklace,,, i love the pink rhinestones, of course, but the lips with the fangs hanging off the clasp in the back is such a charming touch,,, loves.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ive been working on her bedroom for some time now. not, like, spending every minute in there. mainly waiting for the perfect pieces to fall in to place. ive been searching thrift stores for the final bits. perfect thrifted pieces are harder to find then brand new perfect pieces. right now, im looking for the perfect recycled nightstands as well as an adorable table and at least one more chair to make a tiny tea party area in her room. and her quilt that im making,,, still working on that as well. but for now, i wanna share my little girl babys bed room. last year my mother in law asked what the kids wanted for christmas, perfect, they want beds. they need toys like a hole in the head, so beds were perfect. i wanted to get her a bed that would last her for all of her elementary,middle and high school years, {even in to collage ~ yikes!!!}, so this is what i fell in love with. and the dresser as well. the vanity was my adorable mother in laws request, she seriously begged me if she could buy it for sofia, uh, yeah. of course you can. {i guess} *wink*. so, here it is,,,
i love everything about her room,,, but my favorite details are those she added all by herself,,, like this,,,
and this,,,
she needs a bed skirt, i know, i know,,,
i think its pretty cute for a four year old angel,,, dont you?!?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

the nerdy girls are back in action and ready to rock!!!! here is the newest collage,,,
ill share my take in a bit,,, but for now, here it is. i used my *sing for the moment* and *fireflies* kits for this collage, {theyre perfect},,,,
also, this collage is sponsored by blue moon scrapbooking company
have fun, be sure to share your links!!!!

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