Friday, October 30, 2009

alright, so shamelessly, i entered my kids in the gap casting call,,, yeah, i know,,, i hate to ask this of you,,, but,,, welll,,,,, ehhh,,, would ya kindly vote for them?? please?? you can vote every day till 17 november. visit my blog and this link and vote!!! thanks so much!!!
thanks so much!!!
love, ally
geeeezzzz,,, where the heck have i been huh?? man, between life and a iphone that bit the dust on wednesday, i feel, well, lost,,,, anyway, ive got lots to share, but of course ill only share bits at a time,,, gotta give you a little bit at a time, yes?? for starters, my second prompt for the guest designer spot over at candy shoppe designs went up wednesday. *big ego* was the prompt, and because i felt like a bad ass when i went to the shooting range for my birthday, i wanted to use these pictures,,, so here it is,,, *bad ass bitch* {sorry mom ~ shes not so much a fan of the naughty words, i, on the other hand, find myself using them from time to time,,, ahem, ahem,,,}
ill be back manana,,,
love you, love ally

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this week at the pink ninjas the challenge is *skin marks* ~ however you take that, it could be birth marks, tattoos, beauty marks, scars,,, any of the above,,, i, of course, went with my favorite tattoo :-), i am starting to feel a bit sad for the rest of the art my body rocks on an everyday, for the rest of my life basis,,, maybe ill do another layout, or two, or three,,, errrr,,, maybe more ;-) there always time,,,, here is mine,,, *inked*
i love tattoos, do you have any?? i really, really wanna hear about them. please?? ;-)
love, ally

Monday, October 19, 2009

as a child growing up, charottes web was a staple in the family room vcr. i loved that movie. when i saw the challenge for scrapmojo, i knew that i had to play along. i just knew it. the only problem was which favorite quote to use,,, i went round and round, searching for the perfect quote to marry with the perfect photo, {thanks for the help mom}!! the outcome?? "im no flibberty-ibberty gibbit! im sitting here and hatching my goslings." perfect for a photo from the hospital that day my girl baby was born. so, here is my take on the scrapmojo challenge; *day 1* i hope you likey,,,

love, ally

Saturday, October 17, 2009

dude, i dont care what any of you say, missy brit~brit has still got it!!! i was lucky enough to see her in concert twice this past tour and man oh man ~ shes is, indeed, back ladies and gentlemen!!! these pictures were perfect to use for my guest designer spot over at candy shoppe designs. like, oh my gosh, dude, *check out this ass*, seriously ;-) so go play along with this prompt *watch your mouth* ~ so rad,,, right???

love, ally

Thursday, October 15, 2009

dream girls newest prompt went up this morning,,, embrace the negative,,,, of course, i loved it!!! here is what i came up with,,, *she dances*

speaking of her dancing,,, im off to take her there now!!! have a great day!!!
love, ally

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

over at the pink ninjas, we switched up a few things here and there and they are slowly coming to a surface,,, slowly,, we dont wanna ruin everything all at once ya know,,, and one, one of the changes was for us to take a design team member, and feature them. one a month. we give them a special set of questions that ninja master nely and i created, and are pretty rad {if you ask us}. along with the whole being put under a microscope thing, the *ninja star* {clever name, right??} will also create to prompt for us that week. our first ninja star is michelle ~ and her prompt was *what cartoon character would you be*,,, my answer?? well, id be smurfette, duh,,, here is my take on the prompt,,, *smurfette*,,,,

love, ally

Monday, October 12, 2009

so i guess when your children are all old and grown up {ish}, and outta the house, the next best thing, when it comes to halloween, is dressing up your pup!!! this is perry, my parents ever so patient dog. my mom makes her clean the house to keep her food and water on the table!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
so, i guess you now know where my quirky~ness comes from,,,, thatd be my mom!!!
love, ally*son

Sunday, October 11, 2009

well, im still waiting on one or two for the atc and halloween swaps,,,, but i thought id share mine in the mean time :-) here are my kawaii atcs ~ in honor of the lovely missy nely

love, ally

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the pink ninjas newest prompt went up this past wednesday,,, since we have a new design team and all, we had to bust out the *what kind of ninja are you* prompt for the second time around,,, we had to, it was a must!!! ;-) plus, nely and i are pretty cozy being pink ninja masters and all now,,, it just doesnt get old saying that!!! :-)))))) i was pretty excited that our design team the we kept around for the second term all rocked out new layouts as well,,, see?? weve got a rocking team!!! *pink ninja master* baby!!!
love, ally*son

Friday, October 9, 2009

today, im actually asking you for help. yeah. so, if you followed my blog long enough, youll know i have a baby brother in the navy. currently stationed in south korea. were doubting that well get to see him till spring 2010. im sad. and i got very inspired by a fellow ninja when she sent out an email explaining that she has a friend stationed in iraq, and shes starting a chritsmas card for the troops sort of thing. hitting close to home, of course i signed up. after doing so, i felt very inspired to copy her. so, thats what im doing. i need your help. i will be collection christmas cards from you. a minimum of ten from each, a maximum is not needed, as we all know the number of men and women in uniform serving our country that will be spending time away from loved ones this up-coming holiday season cant be counted,,, so please, lemme know if youd like to take part. i will be collecting {as i said} a minimum of ten christmas cards from you, and i need them at my door step by the end of the month. that way, i can send them to him and his buds over in south korea in time for them to be shipped back home to their loved ones in time for christmas. please, email me at xoxoallyserrato at aol dot com ~ if youd like to join in. we need you. and here are a few pictures from last year when i went to chicago with my fam to visit him during his boot camp graduation. hes so young. such a baby at only 19 years old,,,
love you, love ally

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