Tuesday, January 29, 2008

just the latest from new newest project ~ maybe a class?? maybe here?? im hoping so!?!?! i really wanted to do an acrylic album and they gave me the go ahead on coming up with a sample!! yay ~ i love acrylic albums ~ im addicted!! so here are a few shots of what might be coming up... oh yeah, and of course i looove hambly!!!
so i love to wear aprons when i scrap, you know to protect whatever it is that i happen to be wearing at the moment. i got inspired by her and her blog to get a cutie pie apron. i had actually seen a post of hers on her blog from a few months back about this apron and i tried to find it again, but i couldnt. knowing me like i do, i knew i couldnt rest till i found it!! stopping at nothing ~ i email her to see if she could help me ~ not only did she write back, but i think she did a little research herself and found me one online ~ the store her apron was from doesnt carry it anymore. anyway, such a sweet person ~ oh and by the way, she doesnt know me, she was just helping out a girly in need ~ ME!!! so here it is ~ so cute!!! i cant wait till it comes in the mail!!
if you followed my old blog ~ these pictures are a repeat ~ actually from november, but i couldnt resist. i love the girly and she and her fiance are so cute together!! and since she checks out my blog, i wanted to do a little ode to erica and her hubby to be!! plus im really proud of these photos, everything about this day and this shoot was perfect!!! helps that they are such a good lookin' couple!!

i love these photos because they havent been touched by photo shop ~ this is the true format and they are beautiful ~ if you ask me!! i hope to do another shoot with them... they are going to be a beautiful bride and groom combo!! love you girly!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

check out my little man, he is a chip off the ol' block uh?? he loves taking pictures just like his mama. this is one of his MANY self portraits!! turned out pretty good if you ask me, and im not just saying that because im his mama!!other than that, i have my second class (???) hopefully ~ ready to present for tomorrow. i am really excited about the way it turned out. i have a lot of random touches, and those are always my favorite!! another fun part?? these pictures are almost four years old, it was so fun to pull a few out and put them together!! here are a few shots...

so many really, really ~ i mean REALLY exciting things are happening to me, and all at once!!! i love it when things go smoothly ~ but im not ready to talk about it.... yet.... i dont want to change my good luck ~ it feels too good!!!! hi mom ~ love you!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

okay ~ so i totally didnt get "tagged", but i wanted to play this game anyway...
A= Available ~ nope ~ married... happily...
B= Best Friend ~ rica ~ hubby
C= Cake or pie ~ cake ~ please??
D= Drink of choice ~ water ~ boring?? alright how about a venti, non-fat, white chocolate pepermint mocha at one forty ~ better??
E= Essential item you use everyday ~ car, phone, bed, shower products ~ oh yeah and lap top!!
F= Favorite color ~ fuchsia, always fuchsia or at least some shade of pink
G= Gummy bears or worms ~ sour patch kids
H= Hometown ~ temecula
I= Indulgences ~ scrapbooking ~ shopping
J= January or February ~ february ~ loves pink and reds
K= Kids and Names ~ daniel marciano and sofia isabella
L= Life is incomplete without? ~ rica, daniel and sofia...
M= Marriage date ~ 5 july 2003 ~ going on five years!! so exciting!!!
N= Number of siblings ~ 2 brothers, one baby and one big
O= Oranges or apples ~ hmm... oranges??
P= Phobias or Fears ~ death
Q= Favorite Quote ~ typical ~ but ~ LIVE WELL, LOVE MUCH LAUGH OFTEN!!
R= Reason to smile ~ rica, daniel and sofia are really, really funny people!!!
S= Season ~ can i have two please?? spring and fall ~ thank you!!
T= Tag 3 or 4 people ~ no thanks, this is mainly just for me :)
U= Unknown fact about me ~ i am the first girl born into the family for over a hundred years ~ several generations...
V= Vegetable you don't like ~ i think i like them all...
W= Worst habit ~ saying "hmm" and "like"
X= X-rays ~ i think just at the dentists and ultrasounds
Y= Your favorite food ~ pizza
Z= Zodiac Sign ~ leo
there, that was kinda fun.
here are a few fun pictures from our family photo shoot. i love the photographer so much!! we already have her booked for next year!!! the picture were taken at my in laws house right down the street from our house. go figure, we were even late to that photo shoot ~ cant even say we were stuck in traffic!!! :)

~xoxo, ally~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

just a little project i worked on for my mother in laws birthday. i used my favorite ~ favorite supplies; acrylic albums, hambly rub ons and transparencies and photos of my family!! and yes ~ we finally found a photographer, and i love her!!! she is amazing and does incredible work!! i already cant wait to do our christmas photos for next year, het lets get real ~ we all know its right around the corner!!!

so look at me!! updating my new and improved blog two days in a row!!! told ya, i feel so inspired!! oh ~ and im so excited to be working on my next project, a travel mini album using the junkits vacation line ~ love it!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ahhh... i feel better and more inspired already. how funny, when people "move" to another blog, its usually because they decided that they have enough viewers that they can afford to pay the fifteen bucks or so to start a typepad account. nope, thats not the case here, i just didnt feel inspired by my old blog so i decided to squash it!! well, not really, ill keep it and ill keep updating my blog on here with the link because i do have a lot of cards uploaded to that blog that im proud of and i want to share. ive been so excited about getting out here and doing my own "thing" that the first thing i want is a cool "name" you know, for my big ol' business ;). anyway, ive tried and tried to think of cute names, fun names or just a name that means anything to me and ive decided that im done!! my name is my name and thats that, maybe one day a sweet name like elsies a beautiful mess will come to me, but until then....
so, now that i have this new ultra inspiring blog ~ as far as im concerned, i have quite a few fun little things going on in my life now and im really ~ REALLY excited!! first things first ~ im going to teach a class!!! are you kidding me?? im so excited to join the beautiful ladies
its about time scrapbooks in murrieta on tuesday february 5th and wednesday february 6th to teach my very first class!! i used the dasy ds valentine line maybe baby and im really happy with the outcome... here are a few shots of the class. i used some old pictures of my parents, from waay before they were "my parents" most of the photos are from before they were even hubby and wifey!!
im loving the tulle and lace!!

so anyway there it is!! call and save your spot!! (951)304-3422.
and moving on.... i got a new dog!!! a little yorkie and she is so, so stinkin' cute!!! ricardo got her for me for valentines day and i get to have her early!! well ~ its not like the dog could sit in hiding in the closet until the day comes anyway!! oh, yeah and we have had her for a week and a half now, and she is still nameless!! how sad?? i really want to name her elsie ~ because HELLO!! i love elsie, but ricardo wants something else... i think im going to call her elsie till something else comes. i never thought i would be one of those parents that brings a baby home from the hospital without a name, but here i am!!! poor puppy.... so here are a few shots of her.
in my pocket!!
joining me for a class at pink pineapple scrapbooks the day after i got her!!

she was a hit at the class!!

oh yeah, and she likes to scrapbook!! this is going to be beginning of a beautiful relationship,
i can feel it now!!

even michelle hill fell in love!! my pup~pup even made it to her blog

oh yeah, the class... thats right... we did the first of the four series class for the atc roll a deck. here in january, february and march.

anyway, so im totally loving the feeling this new blog is giving me!!! i think i might even post again tomorrow!! DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH!!!

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