Monday, August 31, 2009

so yeah, im like this hard core soccer mom now. true story. like as in *team mom*, soccer mom, chicky. like overnight i became a mama to a soccer dude, a school going rock star and sooner than later a mama to a dancing queen,,, ~ confession ~ i love it. this is what being a mom is all about {to me at least}. ive deiced that,,,,,
a} i need mom clothes. yeah, i went to daniels first day of orientation wearing a simple dress only to realize that getting up and down off the carpet is a difficult task wearing a what i thought to be basic plain black dress from target. operation find mom clothes without loosing my cool is in full effect. i think i just need some more shorts. the same rules i just explained apply for soccer as well. need shorts, cute one of course ;-)
b} i wanted something rad to keep my lip gloss, celly and camera in without lugging my purse with me every time i get outta the car for soccer or school. solution,,,,

this rad wristlet from glamour damaged. i got the last one of these babies ~ but this one is pretty rad too,,,, and at eighteen bucks ~ c'mon,,,
i like this little shoppe and wanted to share,,,,
hopefully this will solve my problems,,, now to find some mom clothes,,,, :-)
love, ally

Sunday, August 30, 2009

because its been so wicked hot out as of late, more than ever, im soooo ready to say peace out the this awful season known as summer,,, at one point in my life known as my favorite season, but not anymore,,, things like elsies aceos for the up and coming fall season give me hope that its not too far off,,, really, summer will be here again,,, as soon as i blink,,, but for now,,, sweet dreams of halloween and fall time keep me a tad bit cooler in the evenings,,, love these girls,,, and since my dude started school this past thursday, gotta love the back to school beauties,,,

love you, love ally*son

Saturday, August 29, 2009

wanna see the way my next atc swap at pink is gonna go?? guess the theme ;-),,,
sign ups havent started yet, but the due date for the halloween atc swap is wednesday, 7th october {geeezzz,,, already talking october here},,, and the reveal party in wednesday the 14th at 6:30. gonna be funnnnnn!!!
love, ally

Friday, August 28, 2009

so here are my atcs from the vintage atc swap. i used true vintage parts. really. the rummy cards are vintage as well as the milk caps. the rest just looks vintage, or kinda just goes with the flow,,, right?? while im on the subject ~ if you live close by and can think fast, or if you can create really fast and ship even faster, i need two last minute additions to the vintage atc swap. kinda a bummer, the first swap started with twelve and ended up with ten, the second looks as though its gonna be the same. there must be something to prevent this from happening, but i havent found it out yet. thank you to those that wanted to play along and that did. and thank you to those that got the atcs to me in a timely matter. i really appreciate it. again, if youd like to jump in this swap like right now,,, please email me at .have a great weekend!!!
love, ally

Thursday, August 27, 2009

its thursday ~ which means yesterday a new pink ninja prompt went up!!! yay!! this week ~ were talking about concerts baby,,, because we love it!!! i had to scrap photos from the recent no doubt concert i went too with miss nely,,, here is mine,,, i went with the reggae colors, because i love,,,,
love you, love ally*son

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

soooooo,,, here are the atcs from my very first hosted atc swap. the theme was transpareency,,, what do you guys think?? love em?? i doooooo,,,, nely
me :-)
jessica danielletabitha
this was fun,,, im waiting on two from the vintage swap and then ill share those,,,
love you, love, ally

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

arent they sooooooo cute together!?!?!?
i love you mom
love, allyson joy :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

class yesterday was fun. lots of work for you ladies, but fun,,, yes?? thank you all very much for coming from near {and really, really far} to take my class ladies. i sooo appreciate it. more than you know. really. since it was so much ~ and the time flew, we decided to make another date to follow up together and play, {ill be scrapping too} and catch up on what we didnt finish. mark your calenders ladies ~ 27th september. we will meeting up again and finishing up on everything :-) again, thank you so much for being a part of whats the beginning of a great new concept to scrapping only offered at pink pineapple!!!

love, ally

Sunday, August 23, 2009

today is the day. the big one!!! cant wait!! wish me luck!!!see you in class!!!
love, ally

Saturday, August 22, 2009

sign ups have begun for the *alice in wonderland* swap at pink. im pretty sure there are spots left,,, but i also know that the spots are filling up!!! so if youd like to play along,,,, 760*598*2222
love, ally*son

Friday, August 21, 2009

i cant believe it. my girl baby turns three. today. and as i upload these photos, i look at her little figure and cant believe shes only three,,, amazing huh?? time. its amazing, right?? were going to take this little monkey to disneyland and spoil her rotten!!! she is so precious. spunky. lively. fun. stubborn. wild. crazy. everything that i am,,, and i love that about my little mini me :-) ,,,although i cant say im too precious, but you know what i mean. yes?? oh, yeah, when we were in the car last night i was asking her what rides she wanted to go on at disneyland so we were naming them together and i asked her if she wanted to go shopping and she said "yes mama, i wanna go shopping with you"!!! brought tears to my eye,,,, :-)
she starts dance this september, its gonna be a kick in the pants!!!
love you, love ally

Thursday, August 20, 2009

wednesdays are now pretty darn close to my favorite day of the week. i love the pink ninja weekly challenges and i love, love this weeks!!! *old skool* baby. rad. here is mine, its of my cute momma {who has a birthday coming up} back in the day,,, so i cleverly titled it *1954*, go ahead, ask me why,,,, ;-) i hate to admit it,,, but i gotta,,,, i looooooooove this layout. another recent fav. i am allowed to say that, right?? or no,,,, tell me, tell me,,,
i cant wait to see what you create. :-)
love, ally

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