Thursday, March 31, 2011

it hasnt been released on the blog even as of just yet,, but i thought id share here, before i get to work on the post on the ninja blog,,, because it is released in the shop,,, the april kit. *wonderful life* and *wonderful life oner~upper*,,, and seriously, although both kits are wicked amazing, the oner~upper is insane!!! so, so, SO many goodies,,, a really, really good price {true story},,, so check it,, and i gotta get to work on the pink ninja post!!!
it was my turn to post again over at scrap yourself. i love it. so fun. i finally parted ways, or, better yet, put to use this paper that i have hoarded for close to two years. isnt it amazing paper?? i love it oh so much!!! i love the fun colors and the dimensional butterflies ~ screams spring to me ~ especially since its ninety degrees here today!!!! rad ~ spring has shown its adorable face!!! although, i love the comfy cozy weather, i doubt this heat is here to stay, im sure we will get another rain storm {or two, or three} fingers crossed,, but for now?? spring is the name of the game,, and here is my latest for *scrap yourself* i titled it *dream*,,, i hope you likey,,, i have the scrapbook bug,,, i,m off to take sofia for horse back riding lessons,, and i have about two hours before their t-ball game starts in between,,, im gonna start a page,,, the process usually takes me a bit anyway because i love to think it through,, im sure ill be jotting down ideas while on the field today/tonight with my adorable, precious little ironbirds. take care!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

and my husband, of course we cant forget him for my instax project,,, here is *him*,, i kinda, sorta, might have made this a few cocktails deep,,, and maybe, kinda, sorta thought the following morning that i wasnt extra stoked about the flower action,, dunno,,, just not. but whatever,, i use gnarly glue that doesnt budge once its dried,, so, alas, here is it,, my ginormous flowered, action, too many JD&DDPs deep, woke up in the morning scratching my head, wondering what i was thinking layout, with an oh so clever title {you know how i do},,, here is *him*
i have to admit, this night was actually so rad. and yeah, judge if you must,,, i was home. alone. my husband was golfing then out to dinner and drinks with *the boys* and my mother in law had the kids for a sleep over. it was just my, my adhesive, and my ability to absolutely lose control laughing at my own jokes while im a few drinks deep. alone. hey, sometimes, you just gotta laugh at yourself, ive always said, *i am my own favorite audience* {thank you dance hall crashers}. so there you go, oh, and did i mention that i didnt go to sleep till 4:00am!?!?! yeah, by then ricardo came home, we high fived and i kept to my scrapping,,, its was fun. not as fun as a night with you know who,,, but still fun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

ive been meaning to blog, for, like, ever. but, you know. whatevs,, life keeps me pretty busy between everything that my four and five year olds take place in. and i love it. of course. know what else i love?? this instax 52 project that ive been doing really well at keeping up on,,, here is numero dies {thats spanish you know, it means number ten ~ just fyi ;-) actually, did i even spell that right?? i dont even know for sure,,,} of my 52{ish} loves and crushes using my instax camera,,, of course you all know, it no secret, i love my best friend oh so much. she and i are two adorable peas in a pod, us two. i love her. shes so fun, always. so of course, she made it into my album,, here is *nely*

Friday, March 18, 2011

the newest prompt went up over at scrap yourself,,, yup, weve got a prompt for you this time. fun, right?? the prompt is black, white and your favorite color. can you guess what my favorite color is?? here is my take on the prompt, *angel eyes*
did you happen to notice its a 12X12?!?!? oh my!! i havent done a 12X12 layout for a really, really long time. like i wanna say two years or something. it was fun to bust out again. i recently ordered some new albums from american crafts, and i wanted the printed ones,, they only come in 12X12, so i thought, alright, here we go, back to 12X12. actually, what ill be doing is a combination of 12X12, 6X12 and 81/2X11 all in the same album. im loving the 6X12 as well, so there you go. this will be a part of our family album weve got going. i hope you play along!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my brother in law is getting married this july in the dominican republic, {so excited to go back there!!!} and when we return, he and his bride will be having a wedding reception here in cali. on the coast. so, of course i need to dresses for this very, very special occasion, right?? naturally, i turn to my beloved dress designer betsey johnson. these are what we, i mean i, came up with,,,
for starters,,, i dare you, double dog dare you to find a dress cuter then this baby, and more my style. i swear this dress has ally*cakes on the label. i so, so, SO need this dress. right?? holy smokes, i cant barely breath right now!!!
holy cuteness,,, love this baby. now i think i might know what youre thinking, this dress is too light for a wedding. like im wearing white to the wedding. they {bride and groom} actually have asked us to wear white. so of all ive listed, this one is actually the closet to their request, although none of them really meet there requests one hundred percent. but even the next dress below, i wanted that one first so i asked my future sister in law if it was okay and she love she LOVED it!!! so, pretty much, they want us light colored, i think my mother in law would prefer the all white thing {???}

i loveeeeeeee this baby,,, totally my style as well,, precious. love.
a little seersucker action anybody?? love this,, and i think rica is wearing seersucker pants,,, this might just work,,,
this dress is so pretty,, and im not against wearing black to a wedding reception, especially if there are adorable gloves attached like this. are you serious?? i wanna live in betsey johnsons head,,, i bet its such a cool land up there in her noggin.
and there you have it. i need at least two of these,,, oh yeah, and by the way, since betsey and i are on a first name basis, i get to pick two for free!!!!
,,,sike,,, wouldnt that be rad?!?! really though, that would be the only way i could talk my husband into getting any of these pricey dresses for me {sad, sad, spoiled brat face}

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

nely, my favorite, always laughs at me because im super lame about how i keep my scrapbook layouts organized. like, this album is for this challenge blog,, and this album is such and such,, then, i have an album for each kid. i imagine one day, ill probably organize it differently, but for now, for some reason i like how it works. so anyway, this belongs in sofias *just sofia* album. we took her to disneyland for her third birthday and i adore this shot of her. adorable purse,, super cute outfit, so fun. so here it is, a *just for fun* layout,, here is the ever so clever titled *3rd birthday*, seriously, where do i come up with these wicked titles is beyond me,, ;-) oh yeah, i burnt the edges of the paper with a lighter, kinda cool,,,

Monday, March 14, 2011

hi friends!! happy monday!!! i had a great weekend,, it was lazy and not a whole lot happening {dont you LOVE weekends like that?!?!} i even got a date in with the hubby {thanks again mom}. it was nice. and i scrapbooked!!! seriously, i la,la,la LOVE scrapping,,, isnt it so fun!?!?! then we had an adorable family walk yesterday around the groves. so cute.
anyway,, here is a layout i created using the newest kit from the pink ninjas. *redemption song* i got the image from we heart it, not sure of the source anymore, i saved it a while ago then printed it and scrapped it. funny, if you think about, i scrapbooked a picture of a chicks legs and i dont even know her name. i just love the picture. cute, yes??
and here it is friends,, *so girly* using *redemption song*,,,
have a great week!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

hey nerd. whats happening?? the newest collage for nvs went up earlier today,,, and i might have had a little hand in coming up with the collage for this month. its was so fun to help out,,, here is the collage,,,
and my take on the collage,,, *my happy place*
cant wait to see what you create using the collage,,,

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