Monday, February 18, 2008

alright, so i know i never mentioned it before ~ but i love hambly!!! okay ~ joke ~ we all know i love me some hambly!!! i took some of the new product that miss allison herself gave me and combined it with hambly i already had and ~ ta-dah!! i want to call it a challenge ~ even though it wasnt really a challenge, but i wanted to use only hambly product in the little mini. with the exception of the acrylic mini album and the american craft letters on the cover ~ mission accomplished!!! oh ~ and i did use a little stickels here and there. i cant wait till the rest of the new goods hit stores ~ i already want more!!! what do you think allison?? thanks again for the goodies ~ you made my month!!! oh, and of course i had to put pictures from cha in it ~ it seemed too perfect!! the day really was like a dream..... i love the back cover!!! alright, so i wanted to do some cool shots of the different details that i especially love about the album, but here is the problem ~ using my 10.1 mega pixel camera is getting old for blogging purposes. i went a head and busted out an old cannon elf that i had ~ 3.2 mega pixels just so that i didnt have to wait three hours to complete this post ~ that amount of time uploading all of the photos. anyway, what im trying to say is ~ im sorry that the pictures are a little fuzzy, but you have to understand ~ sitting at my laptop for ever isnt going to work anymore. fuzzy ~ quick pictures it is from now on!! there fore ~ here are a few cool little details that i especially love about this album....
there ~ now im off to make dinner and brain storm about what to do with the act paper allison gave me..... thats kind of a lie ~ i already started a few, but i need to think of more fun stuff to do with them!!!!

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Melody said...

OMG!!! Ally this is so awesome!!! I am amazed at how quickly you can create a masterpiece! If only I could have your creativity for one friend is why YOU are the teacher and I am the student. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this creation...and with the brand new..not even released...Hambly Transparencies..YOU ROCK! Did you email this to Allison? I am thinking she would love to see this...=)
I {heart} you!
See you soon.



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