Thursday, February 7, 2008

WARNING ~ THE POST YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENJOY IS FULL OF PHOTOS AND FUN INFORMATION!!!! now that i got that out of the way... first things first... someone we all know ~ and love ~ (might i add??) is going to CHA!! ill give you a little hint......

alright, its ME!!! im so excited the ladies at its about time are including me in their group of VIPS that get to shop (well not really shop) and snoop the floor of all the goodies that are in my scrapbooking future!!! i hope, i hope, i hope ill get to share a picture of me and the one and only elsie!!! that is, of course if i can find the courage to ask her to pose with me!! ahhhh...... so excited!!! ~thanks mom!!~

alright, next on my list of things to share... my next class at its about time, murrieta. i used a little of this.....

a little of this....

and a ton of other goodies, and ta-dah!!! i will be teaching if i could escape, a travel mini album at its about time thursday march 6th at 5:30 in the evening. please call and reserve your spot, there are only 12 kits available. (951)304-3422
yes, that tan lady is me!!! back in the day ~ B.B. (before babies) we would go down to cancun every summer for vacation. needless to say, its been a while!!! i found these pictures and they worked great with the colors of the paper i chose.

soooo.... my first class was tuesday, i have to admit, i kind of like teaching!! it was nice because i had an amazing crowd of students. i had a lot of fun!!!
my friends came down to support me ~ missy autumn and i~
AKA the brother in laws girly. so glad she came!!
my mom and her girlfriends were there to support, laugh, play and
they even came up with new and creative names for the bone folder!!

hey, even my pops stopped in for a little cameo!!

what an amazing support team i have uh??
okay, and these pictures are kida of old (spetember 2007), but every time i go through my folder to upload "blog" photos, these are there, staring at me. i meant to post them forever ago, but never did. anyway, these are pictures from my little missy sofais first birthday party. a hawaiian theme party complete with a petting zoo and pony rides!!!! it took her a few tries to really loves the ponys.

yeah, and she hated the cake eating part.

i thought she would for sure dig in like no other one year old had in the past,

but i was proven wrong!!

she wanted nothing to do with the dirtys on her hands!!!
*i have no idea whats up with those gaps, and i cant get rid of 'em*

check out those legs!!! we are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

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Mom said...

Hi Allyson--Oh my word, your blogspot is so funny and entertaining, I loved it. I had the best time taking your scrap book class this past Tuesday, I think I'm hooked. I can't wait to take your vacation class, I already have my spot reserved. I loved the Spiderman picture of you, and the pictures of Miss Sofia's Birthday party. I'm so proud of you Allyson, and I'm happy you're doing what you really love, I'm behind you all the way.
Love, Mom


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