Thursday, March 20, 2008

here are a few pictures i wanted to share from my class this past sunday at its about time. good little group of ladies ~ although i did miss a few of YOU!!!!! alright, you know i still love you! oh yeah ~ how cute is my apron!! love it ~ thats just how i roll!!! ;)~xoxo~

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Anonymous said...

Can you hear my cries of sorrow from way over here??? I missed this amazing class...but I thankfully received the kit. I cannot wait to put this together and to add it to my basket of sure doesn't beat getting step by step instruction fromt the fabulous Ally-Mini Ablum extraordinaire...but to own one of your creations is a close second...I AM LOVING THAT APRON...Lord...don't add one more thing to my Ally Obsession might start to get a bit awkward. LOL
Love you girl...can't wait to see you soon...


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