Monday, April 28, 2008

guess whos back ~ back again ~ allys back ~ tell a friend.... guess whos back..... guess whos back.... guess whos back...... (special thanks to my friend eminem for those lyrics) alright, so i guess im only kinda back.... i picked up my laptop and she is now germe free!!! yay ~ BUT ~ the internet isnt installed on it anymore, they had to completely wipe out my laptop, soooo..... im back at the hubbs office.... what can you do?? we will get it figured out... anyway, class yesterday was lots of fun!!! these ladies rocked ~ such a good group!!! here are a few shots from the class....
okay and she is so stinkin' cute!! thanks so much for coming to another class jessica!!
man, my smile is so lame!!! okay, so i loved this little twist ~ these ladies (pictures below) did the bus tour the day earlier, then printed their pictures and scrapped them the next day!!! they had their quick kutz letter all set and ready to go!! i just love seeing everyone elses take on classes!!
alright, again ~ thanks ladies for taking my class, i hope to see you all again!!!
something else.... my life is beautiful class has been changed. it was going to be this week, but we pushed it back to sunday june 8th at 1:00. class is at its about time scrapbooks in murrieta. hope to see some familiar faces there!!!
alright ~ thats enough for now..... right?!?!?! i hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Wow such a great album. Love it. I am going to try and take your class at IAT - Life is Beautiful. I love your stuff. Lori

Euphoria said...

Awwww Yeaya- getting some blog love from Ally- thanks much! Your class was so nice. Sorry I had to rush out so fast, my little one was harassing me! I gotta finish my book this weekend. It's gonna be a surprise for my MIL. She's gonna love it! Do you have just a kit for the Life is Beautful book? It's About Time is in BFE for me!

Felicia said...

Hey Girl! Love the crown you have any kits left?



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