Wednesday, May 28, 2008

hey ladies ~ miss you like crazy!!! just a few pictures of my classes that are on their way,,, i will be teaching both of these babies at pink pineapple and i likey!!! first one is "wild child" ~ its finished now, my last post was just a few shots of the "work in progress ~ *if you will*~ anyway back to the "wild child" ~ we all know one ~ right?!?! mine happens to be one and a half, but she is well on her way!!! i used some fun elements in this 6X6 acrylic mini album. we will be painting on the acrylic, playing with rhinestones, mini mirrors, and of course the adorable hambly animal print over lay, not to mention we will bring out the prima tapes and play, play, play!!! so, so cute!!! i hope you likey too!!! please bring to class ~ ~

  • your favorite acrylic adhesive ~ i love the tape 'n roller ~ but dont buy it there (online) ~ get it at the store ;) ;)
  • glue dots
  • crop-a-dile
  • paper trimmer

oh yeah class dates for wild child?!?! sunday 29 june ~ 1:00 movin', movin', movin' riiight along,,,, my next class im teaching at the pink pineapple is the fun love, elsie forrest line!!! im so excited about this project we will be playing with feathers, rocks, even some sand!!! hey how can it be "the great outdoors" if we dont bring a little of the outdoors indoors??? please join me 12 july at 1:00 to create this 6 1/2 X 6 1/2 cardboard mini album and bring with you

  • paper trimmer
  • "fav" adhesive
  • crap-a-dile ~ oops!!! look how i spelt it ~ haha!!! im not even going to fix it because i think its funny!!!!
  • diamond glaze
  • photo tape
  • scissors
  • sanding block
we have the coolest neighbors ~ we took the pictures from "the great outdoors" at their ranch ~ it is AMAZING there!!!! alright, so thats that for the classes that i have coming up in the further future, but i also have a (or two) coming up this saturday ~ also at the pink pineapple. first class is my card class ~ its at 1:00. (ill post some pictures tomorrow or somethin'). i used the jennie bowlin paper and the cards are really fun!! i started my scrapbooking venture taking card classes, so you never know where your niche might lie,,, second class ~ same day, but this class is at 3:00. its a 4X6 mini album using hambly and song lyrics. there is room in both classes, so please feel free to joins us ~ im a big fan of "the more, the merrier",,,,,

so, yesterday i was outside (short story) with my kids we were playing with their bubble guns ~ which by the way are the greatest thing in history ~ but anyway, we saw a lizard on the stucco of our house. really no big deal because there are always lizards, but this one was so nice!! i picked it right up and it just hung out on my hand for quite some time!!! i pet its head and it was even closing its eyes like it wanted to go night, night,,, well, it might be because im kinda like snow white ~ you know all the animals love me!!!! hahaha,,,,,, anyway, when the lizard was all done with me, it jumped down onto the chair and when i picked it up again, it jumped and landed on sofias shoulder!!!! i still dont know if she knew it was there because i swear she would have lost it ~ but you never know with that chick, she always throws me for a loop!!!

so there it is ~ even complete with a lil' pieces of me action!!! i will be posting some pictures of my classes coming up saturday, but for now you can also check out this link and visit the right side of my blog, i have class photos there also, too, as well ;) ;)

oh yeah, and i still love this girl ~ xoxoxo

~peace out~

SIKE!~im back, so i was going to go to jessicas blog to get her link and i saw she updated her blog ~ FINALLY ~ ahem, ahem,,, ;) but i always say that if you put up pictures of your completed projects from a class of mine ~ totally email them to me or post them so i can get 'em and put 'em up. its so fun to see what everyone else does with a class or kit of mine ~ so with out further "adue",,,,, great job jess!! alright, im really, really out now,,,,,


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Euphoria said...

you are too darn funny!! thanks for the love!

I'm SO at the wild child class! Can't wait to see ya again. Keep on doing what you do-

peace out!


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