Tuesday, May 6, 2008

so excited to go back to one of my favorite scrapbook stores tomorrow and scrap all day ~ like i used to.... *thanks mom* :) so i am working on my next class for its about time scrapbooks (murrieta) and im just *lovin* the way its turnin out. i thought that i would share a little sneak peek of what is in my class' furture......alright, thats it for the sneak peeks, but i hope youre getting excited about it like it am!!!! and here is my afternoon pieces of me. after coming home from the gym, the kids took a nice little power nap on the ride home (yay...) and they were full of energy,,,, and i wasnt!!! i turned to my bff mr rock star and he helped me through it and i was able to get the creative energies running and i continued working on my class "id pick you". class will be 13 july 1:00 ~ at its about time. i hope you likey!!!!

hahaha..... this is so much fun!!!!!!

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Euphoria said...

I love your blog! You are too funny! I bought this line when it first came out and made the cutest album all about my daughter (on cardboard too) for my Sister In Law who lives out of state. What a cute line!!! I'm so surprised that you are not using acrylics!!!

PS- finished my Bella Girl Album (LOVE IT) I have the photos I just need to email them to ya!

Have a great day!


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