Thursday, July 24, 2008

little tid~bits here and there,,, im back from my parents beach house they rented, i only slept there one night after all ~ yup all those goodies in the back of my yukon sure looked like i was going for a week ~ i had high hopes, but too, too much work siting in on my mind,,,, here are a few fun shots from the two *days* i was there,,,,, nothing tugs on my heart strings more than these two lovin on each other like this!!! i *loves*
me, my pops, my mom, my big brother and the baby brother ~ who isnt really a baby at all,,,,, oh yeah and sofia peaking her cute head in,,,,
anyway back to being busy,,,, i have two classes this weekend ~ it was three, but this one is going to be re-scheduled. i have my card class this sunday at pink pineapple at noon,,,, my supply list is below these two photos,,,,
please bring with you,,,,,
*photo tape* ~ *tape runner* ~ *stickels* ~ *glue dots* ~ *pop dots* ~ *scissors* ~ *paper
trimmer (maybe)*,,,,,, and that might be about it for that,,,,

i am also preparing for this class at ever after *saturday* ~ and check out how handsome my helper is,,,,
please bring with you,,,,

*tape runner* ~ *glue dots* ~ *photo tape* ~ *sanding block* ~ *scissors (or xacto knife)* ~ *paint brush* ~ *crop-a-dile* and i think thats about that,,,,,

moving right along, because we have had a few back to back days of fun in the sun ~ i felt it was okay for the kids and to chill at home all day today ~ it didnt last (we ended up leaving), but hey it was a good thought,,,, the kids covered me in spiderman stickers and i thought it was a good opportunity to snap a quick one ~ or two pieces of me,,,,,few ~ that was a long one!!!! anyway, i hope to see some of you an a class this weekend,,,, i hope everyone has a good night/morning/day/everything,,,,,

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