Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another class coming up at pink pineapple ~ sunday 7th september @ 2:00,,,,, *the great escape* here are a few peaky peaks,,,,,,

lots of unique trims in this little cutie,,,, i actually used a few of my treasures from la,,,, and ~ i made a few of the embellishments,,, another thing im really excited to share is that every kit ~ yep ~ EVERY kit will include a brand new ~ as in unopened bottle of doodle bug flocking powder.... isnt that awesome??? after i used the bottle for the mini this is how much i had left ~ meaning that is how much YOU will have left to do whatever you want with!!! call the store to save a spot,,,,, (760) 598-2222any feedback??? i hope everyone have a great wednesday!!!!!



A Sweet Escape said...

I loves it!!! I can't get enough of your wonderful creations!!! You inspire me!!

TrulyEarnest said...

Wow Ally, you rock.....Your classes always teach something cool and different and I love all of the extras you always have :).....


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