Friday, August 15, 2008

its has been waaay to long since my last etsy purchase ~ so this mornin' i set my timer and got right up in the business at elises etsy shop ~ check out with i couldnt resist,,,,i couldnt decide, so i got both!!! hey i have always been *alice in wonderland* growing up so that just works out perfectly and we all know mama cant resist pirates ~ or peter pan for that matter,,,,,
and just because i have had my eye on this girly girl for a little,,,, i like cupcakes!!!
have a good friday!!!!


Euphoria said...

too funny! I set my timer too!!! I totally have this same post as you today! :-)

Happy Friday!!


pj said...

love the elsie stuff too! that cupcake astronant girl is super cute!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

Oooh how fun!!! Love that Elsie stuff--the print on the bottom is awesome.


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