Monday, August 25, 2008

we have just had birthday after birthday around here,,,, today is my moms 56 birthday!!!! now you might think that maybe i shouldnt mention her age, but she is more and more proud of each passing year,,, its really admirable,,,, she not only embraces another year, but wears it proudly (maybe its because she doesnt look the age). i like that about her,,,, so hears to you mama/dude!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! oh and by the way, i took some pictures of my brother for prom (a few months back) and my mom was pretending to be an *americas top model* ~ isnt she cute!!!! love you!!!


Mom said...

Ally--I think Mama/Dude looks every bit her age, but that's okay, I really like the sound of 56years old. I'm sure you had a hard time finding any pictures of me because I'm so darn stubborn about having mine taken (I never quite believe the camera lens truly gets my cutest side and angle ha!). Okay, I'm waiting for you, Daniel and Sofia to come up today and start spoiling me.
Love, Mom

pj said...

hey girlie...just wanted to let you know i tagged you!!! see my blog for more details. btw-- your mom is super cute!!!!

pj said...

hey girlie...sent you an email...let me know...peej


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