Friday, October 17, 2008

the dude is *rockin*. thank you to everyone that left love below, had a thought with us, or wished us well. thank you. kids are amazing uh?? the little man went to sea world with my mother in law, sofia and my brother in law. they had a blast. its like he never got hurt. i have to admit the girl that painted daniels face did a waaaayy better job than the chick at the wild animal park.... right?!?!?!
they are so cute!! i know, i know, spoken like a true mother!!!
so the night of the dudes big fall, elsie had a release on her etsy shop. so before he fell, and before we spent the evening in the emergency room, mama got some new goodies!!! this is one of the paintings hubbs got for me, ahem, yes, its an ORIGINAL!!!! so excited!!!i liked her because
one)she is red.
two)she is blonde.
three)i like her words.
four)i looove the tattoo!!!

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