Monday, November 17, 2008

dear pink, i dont know how to tell you this, but i think im in love with you. true story. do you want to be myspace friends?!? facebook friends!?! best friends?!? alright, alright, so maybe im going a little too far, but i have to admit, the amount of love and support i feel at this store is the very best feeling ever!! thank you pink pineapple for having me at the store and to my new friends lisa, marie and wendy, thank you too. and of course my trusty favorites {hey, its because ive known them the longest} krystie and her mama, sandee. how supportive can you be, really though?? krystie not only allows me to teach at her store, but she takes my classes!! amazing, seriously girly, thank you so much for your continued support. ladies, i cant wait till next class!!! consider this an open invitation to everyone reading this ~ my next card class at pink pineapple tuesday the 8th of december at 6:00. im going to be using the sassafrass christmas paper lines. it is soooo cute!! i cant even wait!! i love teachin' card classes. i always try to introduce a new product {or two, or three} and new techniques {or two or three}. i love the response that i receive from the ladies that take my class. its the best feeling!!! just so you know, these card classes are a hit!!! okay, thats that for now. more fun and tiny goodies coming soon.....


Krystie said...

Oh Ally, let's make out!! hahah just kidding. I LOVE your classes, Gloria and I were just talking about you today. How together you are, even with kids, and life in general, how fun you are...even though the drive must be tiring. Your classes are the BOMB! So organized, I love coming in and NOT having to think about one thing. Cheers girly, I noticed my mom already signed up for the July class...and YES I'll be there too!!

The BuchWILDS said...

july???? I will be signing up for decembers class too!!! hey ally i talked to michelle about this weekend, did she ever get ahold of you?????



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