Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dr. Seuss:
You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
ahhh,,,, dreamy thoughts,,,
i havent had a *long* post in a while,,, im totally due. i *finally* finished my class sample for ever after. a thanksgiving mini album. *10 reasons to bee thankful*. the sample will be at the store later on today {closer to the early evening}. call to reserve a spot in the class or a kit. my kits always come with 4X6 color photos that making putting these babies together a pleasant breeze,,,,, you can stop by the store to see more of this album, or just call to save a spot {sorry, i know i already said that},,, (760)433-9313 oh yeah ~ class is thursday the 20th ~ {man thats coming right up} whoa,,,, oh yeah, where was i?!?! class is thursday the 20th at 6:30.
speaking of classes, have you signed up for my card class at pink pineapple?? class is this sunday at 2:00. call to reserve your spot (760)598-2222
i havent busted out a piece of my lately, so here is a picture i took of myself {of course}. showing some love for my baby brother in florida....
i bought a few of these from elsies etsy shop. they are ACEO(art card, editions and originals) cards. i love them. they are pretty tiny, so i was trying to think how i was going to display them and this is what i have come up with,,,,,
the cards are 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 ~ pretty small. i put a small piece of bright pink felt into the frame to mount the little cards. i love the way it turned out,,, im trying to find the perfect spot to put these guys {do i always say that??} but for now, this is how stinking cute they look!!

love elsie stuff!!!
alright, next, and finally. one of my very favorite scrapbook stores is closing their doors. today. for good. i was very saddened by the news, but on the same token i cant blame mel. we know that she definitely gave the store her very best shot, and what else can you ask for?? the store had been an amazing inspiration to me throughout the years. it is mel, after all, that encouraged me to teach in the very first place. i will always be grateful to her for opening my eyes to a whole 'nother side of the scrapbooking world. the store has gone through a lot of change, and i was happy to be a part of their {and finally her} support team. i will truly miss this store and the special feeling that i felt whenever i walked through those doors. what did they always say "come as friends, leave as family". i have to admit, i dont blame mel for her decision. i admire her strength to keep the store rolling as long as it did, and i admire her decision to step back and do what she needs to do and what she feels she does best. being a mom. we are all {almost all} moms and each and every one of us know that our family especially our children come very, very first. period. now that mels family is continuing to grow, well {again} i cant blame her. i would show the same level of respect to my family, and i think we all would. mel, thank you for all of your spunk, love and support. i am here to support you and proud of the decisions that you have made. you are an amazing person, and i will forever be thankful for your friendship.... so as this chapter closes, another will surely open up,,,, ill stay tuned,,,, ;-) p.s. thanks for showing me elsie!!!!
alright, enough said, im gonna go watch kung fu panda with my kids!!!


Euphoria said...

Addicted to Elsie much?!? Cute wall hangings you made! Love the red behind them!

I'm gonna see if I can get to your thanksgiving class... it's been awhile and I need a new Ally Album!

mom said...

Hi Ally--Here are two quotes for the day. "A sobering thought: What if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?"

By Jane Wagner

Here's one you'll like from Benjamin Franklin:

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Okay, I'm checking out, I'm gone.
Good night.
Love you, Mom

mom said...

Ally--I like the music while I read, nice touch.


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