Saturday, November 22, 2008

etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy ~ etsy
i loooove etsy, i *just* uploaded two more kits to my little etsy shoppie shop. go check em out!! ahhh,,, the weekend is here. sweet. this weekend there isnt too much going on round these parts. sweet. {again} this weekend i plan on;
*coming up with more amazing products for my etsy shop
*scrapbooking. for myself, not for classes.
*day dreaming.
*taking my children to the movies to see twilight. totally joking, i just felt like i needed to get in on the twilight action, i actually kinda want to take them to see bolt. it looks sooo cute. plus we have a hamster that runs around in a ball, so it just looks too darn perfect.
*picking up sofias flip flops from our neighbors house
*researching reggae music. actually, maybe you can help me. i loooooove reggae music. its probably my favorite. can anyone recommend a reggae artist or group for me?? i need more reggae music in my life and my XM radio *pre set numero uno* {straight to the joint, a reggae station} isnt helping me much. help!?!?! please?!?!?!?
*working on christmas cards. fun!!
*blog stalking,, oops, i mean *surfing*
*writing in my journal. fun!!
i hope everyone has an amazing weekend. sometimes boring or should i say *quiet* weekends are the very best!! p.s. i found out i have a new blog stalker,,, *hi uncle alex*!!! ricardos uncle, whom has a ton a free time on his hands has been keeping tabs on me and my blog. and my myspace. and my facebook. my etsy. and probably my flickr too!!! looks like i need to keep it clean up now~a~days,,,,, hugs to you uncle alex!! xoxox

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A Sassy Chick said...

Hi Ally,
Have you seen the collection Disney put out a couple years ago of traditional Disney music turned reggae style? Super fun for the kiddos. (me too... just don't tell anyone)

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I think we saw each other the other day...but didn't want to look like an idiot in the parking lot in case it wasn't you. So... Hi.


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