Friday, November 7, 2008

i am really excited about this,,,,
i would like to introduce you to my ciao bella collection of photography and prints... i have been wanting to sell a select *few* prints from my vacation last summer to europe. i had to wait for the proper timing. today. right now, is that timing!!! i uploaded a *few* prints to my etsy shop and plan to add more, and more, and more,,, i simply adore photography and there are a few prints that even as time has gone by, i still am *so* proud of. this one, right here, below, we have a 24X36 on our wall in our home. im and very, very proud of it. i am also very excited to share, i think its time. i hope you enjoy, and {again} any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Krystie said...

FEEDBACK=FABULOUS! Love love love the prints, they are dreamy.

quita said...

you should make a print of the chicago tree.... it's gorgeous!


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