Sunday, November 9, 2008

so i opened my etsy shop and i swear within a hour of opening it, i got my first order. sweet. since then, ive got nothin, but i havent given up hope!! i uploaded a *few* more prints to my etsy shop and plan on doing one more release in the next few days before i throw in the towel!! {like i really would anyway} plus a good friend of mine suggested that i sell the print of the tree below, hey *why not*?? i named it after her. {hi friend} ;-)
okay, the glue is drying on my class sample that will be at ever after this tuesday, so i need to get back to that project for now,,, i will share photos as soon as i can!!! i hope you are having a fun sunday and i hope you love this weather as much as i do!!! its the very, very, very best!!!

1 comment:

quita said...

thanks friend.... 'tisha' probably sounds better than 'quita'! haha
hey did you know miley cyrus' moms name is tish? just a random fact for ya!


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