Friday, December 26, 2008

alright, we can all say it,,, aahhhhhh,,,,,,,this feels nice. christmas was perfect and im pooped!! but very inspired. im very excited about the new year and change. my new year resolution is simple. back to basics. simplify. easy. enjoy. i love it already. i think that {sign} with the {i hate to say it} economy being as it is. change is necessary as of right now. i have to admit, im ready for change. back to my new year resolution, back to basics. how did most of us start scrapbooking?? most of us, it was that creative memories party. right?? layouts. we have progressed into detailed, elaborate layouts, mini albums, home decor projects and everything else. well, im ready to go back. to basics. i have been writing down a ton of ideas in my journal. it has been at my bedside and it has seen me writing at all hours of the night. im most inspired when im laying in bed at night. thinking. anyway. back to basics. i will now be teaming up with pink pineapple and teaching a layout class!! so excited. because i am so inspired by music, each layout will be geared of focused on song lyrics or song titles. these layouts will be fun, inspiring and in a series format. i will teach one a month. again, as we moved forward into the new year, we need to remember all that is important to US. what is our therapy?? i dont know about you, but i do need time for myself. scrapbooking has always been a perfect answer my my therapy and my love for my family. i am away, scrapping {or even here at home}, but i am always starting at the faces of my loved ones in my photos. and i love that. now. will i still be doing mini albums?? yes. probably. but defiantly not as often and not as many kits will be available. these will now be offered in a more exclusive matter. either via class, or via my etsy shop. while i am at it, i might as well inform you of {another one of} my newest creations that will available in my etsy shop. i couldnt decide whether to go 12X12 layout or 8 1/2X11 {at pink},,, soooooo i will be offering my 8 1/2X11 layout kits in my shop. because i love structure, themes and constancy, my 8 1/2X11 layouts will be dr suess theme. he is one of my very favorites and i love his quotes, sayings and phrases. im am very excited and inspired by him. i will keep you {my faithful blog followers} updated as to when my shop will be updated and sneak peeks of course.
this is also very exciting; because we all have christmas {or which ever holiday you and your family celebrate}, fresh on our minds. {it was just yesterday}, think how amazing it would be to create a scrapbook album for a loved one. and have it all complete come next december. what im telling you is this; if you sign up for my layout class at pink, you will have the opportunity to purchase an additional kit at a discounted rate. create your album for yourself and create an extra for a gift. its a great idea. you will stay current on your next season of gift giving. you will still feel the love of scrapbooking. your gift receiver will love you forever. and ever. its a great idea, and im very excited to be a part of it. with out further adue,,,, my first layout class in the *get er done* series,,, *i love your smile*
a two page layout. i will be teaching it at pink pineapple sunday the 25th of january @ 2:00. excited. very excited. class will be $17.00 {good price huh??} and if you purchase more than one kit, each additional will be $15.00. call pink (760)598*2222.
all im trying to say is this. i want to {help elsie} take over the world and make it sooooo cute. thats it. this is my plan. i love it. and i love you.

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