Friday, December 5, 2008

hi. im here. promise. i have been super busy. between our christmas card. christmas card orders. my card class this monday. *cleaning*. holiday shopping. oh my!!! not to mention, i should admit that i have spent quite some time checking in on you know whos etsy shoppie shop. i scored some amazing paintings. excited!! cleaning my scrap room {although a BIG ol' task} has been kinda cool. i came across a *few* kits that i dont have listed in my etsy shop. i will be putting those babies in there as soon as i can photograph them and put them up,,, probably sometime next week, but still kinda cool. i was also thinking that i actually might want to do a *give away*. i have never done one, so what the heck. i love, love seeing new people check in on my blog, i always wonder who {if anyone} is out there in blog land. therefore, maybe a little *free~be* action will bring you out from behind your computer. i wanna meet you!!! loves it. so there you have it. next week i have my card class at pink pineapple {760-598-2222}, i will do a give away, and update my etsy shop. oh, and before i forget, since he is DYING to see himself on the internet, may i introduce you to my *so called* blog stalker. ricas uncle alex. he is kinda a fan {arent you alex} and im sure hell be checking my blog in a few minutes, so there you go!! thanks for keeping tabs on my uncle alex {xoxo}. alright, sorry my blog is so quiet as of late. i dont mean too,,,,,next week, i will try to at least put up quotes again, seeing as those have been a task i cant even tackle!!!


pj said...

hi girlie...just checking in with you. I'm surprised in all your madness that you didn't stop by the oasis and see miss teresa collins in action. she's there tomorrow too. can't wait to see what you come up with this year for your xmas card -- guess i should be doing those too huh??? have a good weekend!!! ttfn-peej

A Sweet Escape said...

Card Class??? I did not know about this!! Exciting!! I put my blog back up again!! Let's see if I keep up with it!!

quita said...

i'm your #2 blog stalker!
your life is so fun - so the your blog updates are always fun and entertaining!


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