Monday, December 22, 2008

i dont mean to brag or anything, but my child can draw better than your child. too far?? maybe. sorry. thats just how moms think, right?? as of late, daniel had very much taken to art. drawing, painting, coloring. i love it!! it makes me so happy and i am finding new inspiration. in my own three year old son. we broke out the canvas again the other day and sofia even got to dabble around with the paint {foam} brush and her very own canvas. i love it. i dont know if youve noticed, but i have become quiet the collector of fine art. hee,,,,
this picture is the very best!! my mother in law was watching the kiddos the other day and i came into the *monkey room* as they like to call it, and i couldnt believe my eyes!! i know, i know spoken like a true mom, i guess this whole post is *spoken like a true mom*, but lets be honest here. I AM A REAL MOM!!! so are you surprised?? anyway, about my brilliant children { ;-D } daniel was drawing a face. a really good one at that, {remember im a mom}. so he kept drawing more and more and more and then finally he came out to his mama to show his final masterpiece...
tadahh,,,,,, i love it!!
arms} check
legs} check
eyes} check and check
nose} make that a check too
eyebrows} check
mouth} check
hair} nope, thats not hair on his forehead. remember this kid is wicked smart, he knows people dont have hair on their forehead. i asked him what it was {because i think the kid is smarter than me, and i totally thought it was hair}, but he said, "its an owie, like mine"!! hahaa!!! smart kid i tell ya!!!
alright, alright, im done. ill try {fingers are crossed behind the back} to not ever, ever brag about my amazing, adorable, wicked smart, rock star little children again. but i had to share this!!


euphoria said...

OMG- Super Cute!! That is so adorable!! Gotta love when the kiddos are smarter than you!

Have a FABULOUS Christmas!

Lauren Hampton said...

I swear if I sent you a picture of Megans old art it would look like the same person did them. Forget a body, who needs it when you have a great head with all the right parts, owies included, and some limbs. Love his art!!

Krystie said...

I love that you brag about your kids...please don't stop. Then I won't have to stop either! hahhah


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