Sunday, December 7, 2008

me: card class tomorrow,
you: tomorrow?!?!?!
me: YES tomorrow!!!
you: what time??
me: 6:00
you: but, but, but where??
me: oh no worries, its at pink pineapple
you: oh, pink pineapple, i love that store. its cute.
me: i totally agree, its really cute!!
you: is the class full??
me: no, you can still sign up, call 'em (760)598*2222
you: why are you just talking about it and just showing pictures??
me: well, the paper that i HAD to use didnt come in until friday. to be honest, i think sassafras didnt know how amazing everyone would find their *life at the pole* paper. its wicked.
you: ohhhh, i totally get it.
me: i knew you would.
you: okay, im gonna go sign up, right now!!
me: sweet. well, then ill see you tomorrow
you: im gonna go to sleep right now so tomorrow comes sooner
me: great idea

and thats how it went,,, sorta,,,



A Sweet Escape said...

LOL!! Super cute post. I signed up and I am totally excited! I'm gonna be there a little late because I don't get off till 6! See you tommorow!! I'm super excited!!

quita said...

it's ok to have conversations with yourself.... yeah, i know.... ok cool... alright talk to you later... ok bye... bye!!!!


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