Tuesday, December 2, 2008

this is so lame, my dear, sweet, computer {for some reason} has decided NOT to obey my "rotate clockwise" or "rotate counter clockwise" commands. lame. sorry. i tried to only put in horizontal pictures, but two of them just werent. bummer dude. anyway, the weekend was kinda rad for two reasons. the first?? i got my wreck this journal in the mail. it came pretty quick!! i cant wait to start tearing this baby, dripping coffee on it, taking it in the shower with me {which i already did, not knowing that that was one of the instructions}. alright, so random side note, i often take books or phones with me in the shower. mainly because i am the ULTIMATE multi tasker, and i feel like while my long hair is getting wet and ready to shampoo, {you know before my hands are wet}, i feel like that is precious time that i could be doing *something*. lame, but whatever. i should really *try* to just enjoy a quiet shower, but i always have something on my mind,,,, anyway, where was i?? oh yeah, this wreck this journal. i cant wait to get started!!! i even joined the wreck this journal flickr group!! sweet.
sorry for the sideways picture. whatever.
the next reason this weekend was rad?? i gave daniel three paint choices, a canvas and a three paint brushes and let him go for it. im so proud of his little painting. it is sitting right next to me as i type. i adore it!! {ahem, did you notice my new header??, did you notice the bottom layer of my new header??} what can i say?? im a proud mama!! oh, and i did one for my etsy shop too!!! why not??
its okay, you can tilt your head to the side for better viewing purposes.
oh, and i thought of this thanksgiving morning, i havent done a piece of me in, like, forever!! while i was cooking, {slippers and apron and all}, i snapped a quick little piece of me!! i need to more of those....alright, its off to my scrap room. not to play, but to cleaaaannn,,, no fun, no fun at all!!!

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euphoria said...

Ahem, what may I ask is this!?!

Holiday Sassafrass Album w/Ally S.
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Join Ally as she helps you create the most adorable little holiday album with tons of Sass...her favorite line!

Photos Please!! LOL :o)

Love your little boys art work, I love that color blue!


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