Tuesday, January 20, 2009

because everyone who has ears {or eyes} knows that i am crazy about etsy, i wanted to share a little bit. people often ask me what the heck i buy on etsy. well, its more like, what dont i buy on etsy. etsy is full of treasures beyond my wildest dreams. i love all of the creativity that each person contributes to this website. here are a few *goodies* that i have collected from etsy. this necklace, {i know i just shared it, but i have to again}. i got it here. her jewelry is beautiful. i encourage you to check out her little shop.
this little ipod holder. seriously, how rad is it?? i keep my ipod nano in it. i got it
here. loves it.
this random little piece that i just adore. picked this baby up right
here. are you following me yet and the interest i find in the creators and the artist that contribute to etsy??
allow me to go on,,,, i have actually gotten a few aprons from
this lady, they are amazing. the fit perfect, they are so fun and she ships out right away, {always a plus}.
this shop is awesome. i love having a cutie pie camera strap for my VIP camera. she deserves it.
and finally, and {of course} there is
this shop that i frequent, like everyday,,,, we all know i have picked up quite a few goodies from missy elsie. i cant resist. she is so amazing!!! so my style!!
this shop is rad. i wish my babies were still babies. i would be making so many purchases from here,,, like this,,,this place is so rad. very unique,,,

check out this journal. you can find it here.

more rad shops,,,, this one. this one. this one. this one. this one. this one. this one. and this one. happy shopping!!! ohh,,, i forgot,,, this one is my very, very, very favorite. ever!!! ;-D



pj said...

all those shops are too cute! i never have the patience to search thru etsy -- i designate u my personal etsy shopper! thanks for all those links xoxo pj

Robin said...

I'm glad that I'm not alone with my obsession with etsy. Thanks for the info on the cool etsy shops:)


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