Sunday, January 25, 2009

i learned,,,
*spontaneous trips to the beach without bathing suits create memories that will last forever *true friends arent as true as you have always believed they were,,,
*its true ~ mean people really do suck.
*old friends are treasure to never ever let go of,,,
*daniel now knows that by simply saying *im sorry* gets him out of a lot of trouble.

*i now know that simply saying *im sorry* doesnt heal damage done {sooo not taking about my little man here,,,},,,,
*i need to take advice from lady gaga and just dance,, more,,,,
*that etsy is wicked,,, in a good way and in a bad way,,,,,
*that restaurants that post *restroom for customers only* has a really hard time making an exception for little three year old dudes,,, {even thought we are customers, we just werent at that particular moment},,,, *bubble tea is, in fact very, very good
i bought,,,
*these rad shoes from etsy. {cant wait} *this painting {etsy}
*tons of groceries from costco {my baby brother says im ready for the apocalypse}
*nothing from target {weird}
*the dozens kit
*elsies and rachels *pretty* class
*sublime 40oz to freedom {itunes},,,,again
*sublime self titled {itunes},,,again
*slightly stoopid {itunes} *thanks cassie*

i saw,,,
*my mother in law turn fifty gracefully
*myself in a position that i have never been and i will never allow it to revisit me again
*the most beautiful sky i had seen in a very long while
*revenge and unjust at its very, very worst
*rain and rain clouds

i scrapped,,,
*this prima layout
*a lot for my baby brother
*with this
rad chick {hi, sorry, next time i wont be late *i hope* and i wont talk on the phone :-D} *in my scrapbook journal *photos from mexico *at pink pineapple
*at home

i cried,,,

this feels gooood,,,,


euphoria said...

Hey Ally,

Sounds like something happend... I hope you are okay and all is well!

LOVE the prima LO- super cute!Thanks for sending the embroidery designs, check it out at my blog!

A Sweet Escape said...

Your little girl is so precious!! Mean people do really suck!!! I totally love love your new shoes!! Your hair is adorably cute!! I love the prima layout!! I was gonna ask if you were taking elsies class, but saw that you are..totally rad!!! Have an awesome day Ally!! On my way to pick up your kit!!!! Yay!!


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