Monday, January 12, 2009

i spent friday here.
i spent saturday here with her.
i spent sunday here teaching this.
guess what?? i would go back tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday and thursday just to start all over again. i love you pink pineapple the very, very most.
although i spent all of that time, would you believe that i didnt take one picture?? not~a~one. thats okay, ill be back again. annnddd im just a little ahead of myself for my 365 layouts. so rad.
thank you pink pineapple for having me three days in a row and thank you ladies for spending your sunday with me. remember, next card class is sunday, 8th of february at 12:00~noon.
p.s. im a ninja


euphoria said...

You are so silly! Love that pic!

It was good to see you the other day- rock on with your 365 LOs

Krystie said...

OMG! You are a Ninja that rocks!! I have never seen a dancing I know one personally! hmmm.....I can see it now....American Rockstar Ninja....The Next Top Rockin' Ninja....Extreme Ninja Rocker!!! Oh yeah baby.....Ninja's look GOOD in pink!!!


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