Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what an amazing world that we live in. with all the *hype* about the world or better yet life as we know it,,, "oh,, what is this world coming to??" "oh man, things just aint what they used to be,,,". i beg to differ. i have two strong points that i hope impress you as much as they have impressed me. they have made my heart sing.
first} donna. amazing. lovely. talented. spiritual. kind. generous. beautiful.
i was at my ten year reunion in september and a really good friend of mine from high school {second picture down} had an amazing, i mean amazing necklace on {second photo down}. she went on to tell me that a friend of hers makes jewelry from thrifts store parts. anything. treasures. she uses a torch to heat the pieces all together so you know youve got quality in your favor. anyway, trying not to make this a *long* story. as soon as i was close to a computer i found her etsy shop and fell in love!! i got myself this necklace. i had too. how could i resist?? it had a little boy and a little girl. *mothers love*. the relationship with donna was easy to develop. talk about personal customer service. she wanted to make sure everything was just as i dreamt of. and it was. for christmas she sent me a little gift. i love it. i wanted to return the favor of her generosity so i sent her a scrapbook kit and that leads us to this. amazing. donna, i am so happy to have met you, you are made up of what every person wishes they were. i am truly grateful to have a piece of your jewelry and am honored to have my name on your blog. thank you. xo.
second} robin. you might remember her name because sofia picked it when i did a giveaway last month. simply amazing person as well. so excited by the random act of kindness she wanted to return the favor. kinda *pay it forward*. what a great concept. yesterday in my mail box was this amazing necklace that she created just for me. so sweet. i love it. enclosed was a beautiful thank you card that made my heart smile. robin, thank you so very much. i am so happy to know you. xo
now, tell me that this world "aint what it used to be",,,, again, i beg to differ. two beautiful people that have made my 2009 already an amazing one. thanks ladies.


Donna said...

Thanks so much sweet girl. The world has always been a beautiful place to live and be, we the human race forget sometimes. Thank goodness there are beautiful spirits like you and your friend Robin who have never forgotten that. Continue to live well, be happy, and like minded will always follow you...take care girlfriend! Donna

Robin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace Donna made! The necklace is so unique and beautiful. Ally you are the best. Your post is so sweet. I am happy to know you too:)


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