Thursday, February 26, 2009

dude. somebody we all know {and love ~ ahem, ahem} is now an official member of a design team. yup. me. this challenge blog. rad. right?? im so excited!!!i will be sharing with you my takes on the different challenges they will be throwing out there. the first challenge is to grab that painters tape and use it in your project. rad. right?? i would share my version, but i think i wanna switch it up. you know, make a change or two. ill post it soon. thanks ladies for this opportunity!!! yay!!!!
oh!!! i almost forgot,,, they had a little, you know filler in the blanks. you know i love sharing those with you so here is what i had to say,,,,,
Name: allyson serrato ~ call my ally
Age: 28 ~ dang!!!
Favorite Scrapping product: everything that is in my sight gets put into my scrapbook pages. i love embroidery floss. vintage buttons. big, fat lace. total non-acid free stuff that totally doesnt belong in a scrapbook, but totally rocks. rub ons. paint. the swirl bling stuff is awesome. you name it.
Describe your scrapping style: my scrapping style is similar to the starbucks flavor of the hour. it is ever changing and i love that. i love to pile goodies on. distress EVERYTHING. i sand the edges of almost all of my photos. add lots of flowers or rad flair buttons. masking tape and hand stitching details. i love it all. oh,, and i recientally learned that by my getting over my ahem *hoarding* issue, im happier with the results. so use that rad embeli that youve been haording for like seven months,, its soooo much fun!!!
If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be and why?: ariel. sound cliche?? well, if you sang like ariel {like i do} you wouldnt think so. alright, alright, thats a total lie. i suck at singing,,, really i adore ariel because a} shes a mermaid. RAD and b} i love that she is a dreamer. much like myself. i have a stop at nothing attitude. i never think that any situation is out of my reach. i truly know i can obtain anything.
guilty pleasure: cupcakes and victorias secret {PINK}.
What inspires you?: dr seuss. my children. song lyrics. my darling friend carrie. bright colors. rad books. childrens movies.
Name something surprising about yourself: i am a ninja. oh, and i might be the most sarcastic person you know that also happens to be the most gullible. {seriously how did i end up with these two traits???} oh, and now thanks to elaine ~ i totally want a tattoo on my inner wrist that says *create* {dont worry girl, i wont copy cat,, but that sounds wicked}!!!


A Sweet Escape said...

Woo, Woo!!! Go Miss Ally, it's your birthday, your gonna party likes it's your birthday!! congrats, that is awesome!!

Punk Rock Scrappers said...

Congratulations! your little bio is hilarious :)

euphoria said...

YAY for you!! SOOOOO awesome!!

Wow, you're gonna get all high and mighty, and be mega famous soon!!


sarah said...

can't wait to see your work for SOTB! :)

love your blog by the way!


ally serrato said...

thanks you. you guys rock!!! {xoxo}

Anonymous said...

haha. I want a super sweet tattoo like hers too.

I cna't wait to see your new spin on the layout. haha.

<3 b

Toni said...

Totally awesome Ally ,, you deserve it. You rock!!!!

Carrie said...

Congrats!!! I am so excited for you! You totally deserve it!

ally serrato said...

seriously ~ thank you guys soooo much!!! you all are so rad and i total appreciate the support!!!

dannelle said...

ally that is sooo awesome!!!! :) congrats girl!! woo hoo!!

Cierra Buchwald said...

wow! awesome ally! Sooo excited for you! Your movin' on up!! Lol! I love your work and I can't wait to do one of your challenges!


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